Vikki Wakefield talks about the process of writing her Young Adult novel, Friday Brown. wakefield. ‘They call me Friday. It has been foretold that. Friday Brown is the breathtaking second novel from the author of the award- winning All I Ever Wanted. Children’s Book Council of Australia Honour Book, Friday Brown [Vikki Wakefield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Ballad for a Mad Girl. Never in one spot long enough to know anyone. Friday Brown has always lived her life wakfeield from place to place.

Text Publishing — Friday Brown, book by Vikki Wakefield

Vivienne would tell Friday that when she died the curse would move to her. Books by Vikki Wakefield. It’s honest and ugly and emotionally conflicting, told in an achingly beautiful way. At seventeen, Jacklin Bates is all grown up.

She gets a Toyota troop carrier, and piles the lot of them in to head to her secret place. Vikki Wakefield puts into words some of our deepest feelings and quite often you find yourself nodding as you read.

May 10, Reynje rated it it was amazing Shelves: From devotion to desperation to horror, nrown emotion rings true. Quotes from Friday Brown. Wakefield’s prose is as beautiful as broen with an exquisite tension thrumming throughout. I view the first part as being fundamental in providing the reader simply with the backgrounds of each of the the street kids. I loved the relationship that emerged fikki Friday and Silence, though; she listened to vikkl and she GOT him.

What happens when those things are stripped away, are proven false or leave you behind? Two books out and she is right up there with the cool kids at the top. Friday worries about Silence, for whom she feels responsible and who is suffering more than she is. Wakefifld all 7 comments. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Friday Brown was saved by Silence.


The Story of My Book: Vikki Wakefield on Friday Brown

Friday thinks of the family curse as the river wakefielc a banker and threatens to overflow. Everything about this novel was authentic; the setting, the people, the feelings.

Friday has spent her whole life with her mum, never stopping long enough to make friends, never knowing any other family members. Her metaphors and similes are especially vivid — so much so that I was jealous reading them.

Did I mention I loved this book? What made this a 4. But at some point after the first draft was written, I abandoned reason and ran on instinct, which is an interesting parallel between my writing process and the character, Friday Brown.

Friday Brown

It makes me appreciate what I have, and how, simply by luck, I’m not one of those people who’ve slipped through “society”. Set in an unnamed city as well as a ghost town called Murungal Creek, the story revolves around Friday Brown and her journey to find her father and herself.

He introduces her to a group of street kids, who she is able to relate to and become dependent on. This story is vivid: Anyone who picks this book up, come back here.

Other ftiday of Friday Brown. I never got used to Wish’s name either, but he disappears, and Arden decides they need to go bush.


Vikki Wakefield

She definitely brings something vital and individual to the genre — writing about tough but lonely girls, the friendships that save them and the past that haunts them. One of the most remarkable qualities about any Australian novel is its ability to make itself felt so life-like.

Of course, a review of Friday Brown would not be complete without Silence. Is it possible to be whole again and what does that look like?

This book, you guys, this book. My grandfather buried a swimming pool.

When moving doesn’t mean freedom but instead means imprisonment? The characters as mentioned before, show more of their true nature in the second wakdfield of the book. A predator poised over its prey. It is subtle, refusing to clearly spell out the growth, change, and self-discovery of its protagonist.

They all count, even the wrong turns; they all add more to who you become. It deserves more recognition, because it’s par with some of my favorite contemporaries.

Where this book dived for the worse, in my opinion, was the author’s attempt to exploit every one of those viiki in such a short book. Facebook facebook Twitter twitter Email mail. Seventeen-year-old Friday Brown is on the run—running to escape memories of her mother and of the family curse.

How do you pick yourself up again when everything you once knew is turned on its head? Settings Tips on technique 3: