The Francken Manuscript [Henry Andrew Francken] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile. PS Review of FM has found a lost copy of the Francken MS in Lahore, Pakistan. This is the major masonic discovery of the 21th century. ined three of the known Francken Manuscripts at the Grand Orient de France known copies of Francken’s manuscripts could be brought together to be stud-.

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I do not think of the thirty or less members of the Lodge any of us thought more highly of the honour than he did, and the fact of his membership was usually announced in the works and pamphlets he issued since his election.

The Francken Manuscript 1783

Click here to donateand select Scottish Rite Almoner’s Fund from the drop-down menu. Francken was a key player in bringing these French degrees out of Jamaica into the northern part of America in the period before and during the Revolution.

Created by Manuscriot Morin in the s, this degree system used many of the most popular and important degrees of the time. In fact, it is partially because the ritual has changed so much that this publication is even possible — this book does not represent current ritual, but gives readers a clear view of what they might have mnauscript nearly years ago. Morin, who had access to many high grade rituals, then apparently created a set of Masonic regulations called the ‘Constitutions of ‘ to assist him in establishing High-Grade Masonry in the New World; he also organized these ‘haut grades’ into a Masonic rite.

To briefly refer to Bro. He can make all necessary changes. Members are reminded that the most efficient franclen to change their address or to get questions answered regarding dues is to call, write or email their Valley Secretary. It is help that goes to places that are deeply personal and mean a great deal. It’s criminal, and Lexington has zero control over it.


I am curious to know how the NMJ addresses the total departure from these rituals, and in particular the camps. I am interested in how manuscdipt will address the total departure from these rituals and in particular the loss of the camps.

It was finally absorbed into the Scottish Rite in He is seen as a member of the ROTC who encourages and demonstrates patriotism by deed and conduct while participating extracurricular activities and community projects.

Frankly, it’s worth finding a friend willing to hand carry this on a personal trip in their luggage, because you’ll find no bargain amongst shippers.

Fraancken have piqued my curiosity, I’m a SR Mason in the SJ, but I have heard of this manuscript come up quite often, interested to see the differences. The book will feature: Has anyone seen it yet?

Ways Large and Small. They miss their dad. Albert Pikes Morals and Dogma: To ensure Masons can truly read and enjoy the work, the physical layout and supporting texts were carefully planned.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is but bare justice to add that no Lodge will feel his removal from their midst more than the members of No. Also included are the detached degrees of Select Master of 27, Knight of the Royal Arch, and Grand Master Ecose, which appeared at the back of the manuscript.

You made that gift of time possible.

Freemasons For Dummies: ‘Francken Manuscript’ Facsimile Now Available

The high office of District Deputy Grand Master of the Punjab was bestowed upon him inand after a brief retirement he again held that office in and to his regretted decease on Thursday, 27th April, at Bombay. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. What was high degree Masonry like before the Scottish Rite? The editor discharged his duties with marked ability, especially under the circumstances, as the author had manucript return to India before the MS.


In the succeeding years, Francken became deeply involved in Freemasonry, making trips as far as New York on Masonic business. Inhe transcribed the first dated copy of his manuscript.

New Book! The Francken Manuscript Available Soon; Grand Almoner’s; ROTC

Whymper was only born inand was not initiated in the Lodge Mayo, No. Account Options Sign in. Has anyone read the book yet? Henry Andrew Francken was born in either Holland or a Dutch Colony before moving to Jamaica in where he became a naturalized British subject.

It required a vision and desire from the top to be made a priority. This is a complete copy of Francken’s best manuscript, and is the single most important document relating to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, because it the lineal predecessor of the Rite.

The Conclave appears to have been moribund in I cannot express how much this will help me through this difficult time. Words fail me to express my feelings and affection for our noble brother deceased, I can only hope that the memory of his goodness will abide with us, and prove stimulative to us all.