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However, Figure 70 shows the estimated thermal profile of the power board while the drive is under full load which shows that a number of components are dissipating significantly more heat than the idle conditions. Other methods, such as purchasing extra parts from the manufacturer, were investigated but it was determined that manufacturing a custom bracket would be the most cost-effective and efficient method.

Therefore, the IR camera was constantly moved and arranged so that all components could be seen. The point measurement technique, shown in Figure 54 and Figure 55, allows the user to determine the surface temperature of a single point once the emissivity is set appropriately. This board contains the primary gate-driver components that direct the operation of the power switching module.

FR – IOR – FETs – Single – Kynix Semiconductor

The data collected up to this point, upon initial rr9014, does not indicate the presence of degradation or failure. Fourier s Law of thermal resistance, described the Equation below, shows that the amount of power dissipated can be determined if the surface temperature, the junction-to-case thermal resistance and the junction temperature are known.

Step 9 will be included in both sections as it is simply a series of repeated efforts. Datasbeet IR images were processed such that the amount of power each component dissipated was extracted. Table 10 lists the steps taken to generate the thermal profiles for both the Power datashwet connector boards. Literature Review This section will begin with a survey of previously conducted research pertaining to power electronic system reliability.


Figure 31 Torque vs.

It was discovered through initial testing of the magnetic break than an analog signal between V generated enough torque on the motor to create the full-load operating condition of the drive. IR power board load back bottom left As of Novemeber 18, the test has surpassed 10, cycles without any failure. Due to the fact that the control board was operated outside of the case, these values were large and were specified as mm.

These images show that the actual surface temperature range for the DSP lies between The gamut of applications involving power electronics is wide, and Figure 2 shows some of the key areas. A second validation test was performed which measured the percentage full load operating torque to input current at different speeds. The drive controllers may be integrated into the power electronic converter, as seen with recent trends in power electronic system packaging [10], or may function autonomously and interact with other system level controllers.

Finally, the testing apparatus will remain intact to be used in further studies at CALCE involving similar motors and drives.

Furthermore, as load levels on the VFD increase the amount of heat dissipated from the power switching module increases as well. This relationship is shown in Figure Figure 66 shows the thermal profile using this estimate. The fundamental goal behind accelerated testing is to quickly gather information on the product performance and estimated life under normal use [46].

They represented the high and low temperature points through which the boards would cycle between. Figure 51 Control board natural convection boundary temperature measurements In this image, the control board is covered with a boron nitride spray.

Therefore it can be hypothesized that SMD component size contributes to solder joint reliability. As stated earlier in the report, boron nitride spray was used initially to unify all surface emissivity values. Load Generating Test Setup A magnetic brake, also known as an eddy-current brake or electromagnetic brake, was used to generate a load on the motor drive.

  ISO 532B PDF

9014 . Datasheet. Equivalente. Reemplazo. Hoja de especificaciones. Principales características

Comprised of two terminals, one referred to as the anode while the other referred to as the cathode, this device functions as a one way valve for electricity. This most likely reveals that any increase in power dissipation from these components is negligible compared to the increase in power dissipation exhibited by the larger components on the power board.

Figure 48 Control board setup for IR thermography Two sets of wires were used, one with 36 wires to link the pin connectors and one with 6 wires to link the 6-pin connectors. Table 4 lists all assumptions made with respect to modeling the PEM devices. Given that the motor drive was off, it was assumed that the temperature of the tape and the temperature of the components were the same.

fr9014 datasheet

This would result in reliability data that would be unrepresentative of normal use conditions. The following are the failure mechanisms in which the CalcePWA software tested for: State 3 represents the ramp down state in which the drive decelerates from full-load to idle. Figure 32 Power supplies and MBL State 2 represents the three minute hold while the drive is operating at full- Once known, these power dissipation values were used in the CalcePWA thermal analysis tool to model component temperatures.

Table 9 Steps to generate thermal profile of control board 1 Setup control board to run outside motor drive using various cables. The result of this study was a relationship between solder thickness and time-tofailure at varying power levels.