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There are only some days left for supporting:. It slowly crept up on us.

News from the instant film scene. Sezioni di questa pagina. Long-time sales clerk Artur Kowallick puts up a new flye For all who are interested in getting packfilm back: Back in Julyphotographer Oscar Oweson started an effort to build a homemade rangefinder camera — fotlimpex 6×7 camera designed to be like an. Visit our downtown store in Berlin or browse our internet shop.

Then the digital revolution kataloog and wiped most of them away. Die Kleinbild und Roll Live from our store in Berlin. Due to our annual inventory the warehouse is also closed on Follow him on Instagram. In the meantime the layer build up of the sheet films is by now stable on the cascade.

The needed Polaroid Originals film is available in our two shops. Meanwhile, business at the Mitte store remains steady. Learn how to push and pull your film to gain more contrast and grain as an artistic way to expand your film photography skills.

As we rapidly slip into a purely digital age it’s nice to remember where it all started and why it is so great. Platinum Oliver Rolf have you better combos for push development?


Technical description as PDF: Send us please a link. So you’ve heard about this film thing, but don’t know fotoimpexx to look for when buying a film camera. This way the outstanding Agfa photopapers and chemicals cought be brought back to live. Welcome to the world of analogue photography.

We ship to you from our large mailorder center in Bad Saarow. On Attitudes, Arrogance, and Choice in Photography. A sticker nearby reads FilmIsNotDead. The young photography enthusiast had become fond of certain film brands from the Eastern Bloc, from ORWO to Foma, and when fotoimpes noticed their disappearance after the Wall fell, he saw an opportunity.

Welcome to the analog specialist.

Pulling and pushing professional color negative film: Fotoimpex has been founded right after the peaceful revolution in Germany to bring ktaalog outstanding eastern european photo materials to the customers in former western europe.

We are constantly engaged to bring back some of these products or keep them in the channel. Part two of our extreme film push.

In general all parcels collected by 20th Katallg will be delivered within Germany except islands by 24th December How to Push and Pull Film. With you Mamiya and an Instant Lab in combination, Rezivot makes this possible with their conversion kit.

Fotoimpex Katalog Home Improvement Loans For Seniors

Thank you so much for all the amazing comments,…. Whenever PetaPixel has published an article about chemical photography in recent months, it has been met with a plethora of malicious, if not even. In the FOTOIMPEX webshop you find 35mm films, medium format films, pocket films, 4×4 type films, rollfilms, sheetfilms, photo plates, sheet films, photopaper, photo chemistry, developing tanks, film spirals, lab equipment, filters, photo bags, cable katalov, loupes, slide frames, negative sheets and many more.


The Sound Of Film.

Here are five tips that will help you on your first purchas Von bis They were all shot on the same camera, lens and film katalot combination; and metered with the same light meter. You can smell it – You can hear it – You can feel it – You can touch it.

Welcome to the world of analogue photography

All four films were fresh as a newborn lamb, cold stored when purchased and given several hours to thaw before use. You can participate in the project by registering on their website and nominating an analogue photography related Community Cause, which will have the chance of being selected as recipient of the sponsored gifts.

That production is only set to increase: An often overlooked, but nevertheless excellent camera: Black and white film high EI shootout part 2: Here you can make your order: Color slide – Color negativ – Black and white.

How to buy your first film camera: Simply everything the analog photographer needs. During this time you can nominate as many causes as you want, as long as they meet the following basic criteria: Nominations for Community Causes recipients is open between September 3rd to December 31st