Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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The plug-in module can be retrofitted. Codes to are reserved for customer-specific fm. Modifications and repairs to the devices are permissibleonly when they are expressly approved in the manual. If a potential compensation cable is laid with the cable colour code YE-GNthen it is not to be electrically connected to the shielding.

As long as the basic settings have not been concluded, the Prosonic FMU emits awarning message. The cables within onegroup can be in parallel.

Mounting theall-weather protective cover on the IP 66 protective housing is also illustrated. The difference between auseful signal echo and a noise signal.

Thehigher this ratio is the better the echo can beevaluated 10 dB or lager is acceptable. Linearization zeroThe level entries for linearization and the level entry for the empty adjustmentmust both refer to the same zero point. Matrix positions for channel 2 inbrackets. With Prosonic FMU a distinction can be made betweenchannels. Pleasenote here that the current output for alarm responds according to the following table.


Loosen the four cross-head screws of the f,u plate. The ultrasonic echo can not be evaluated for roughly 5 minutes after the entryof the sensor type.

Endress+Hauser Prosonic FMU 860 Manuals

Any flow exceeding this percentage is taken into account when counting the volume. Press the plug of the connecting cable into the jack of the transmitter electronics andscrew the plug in tightly using a small flat bladed screwdriver. Open the operating plate4. For further settings, set either the analogue output see chapter 6 or a relay seechapter 7.

You canenter a maximum of 32 pairs of values. You can enter amaximum of 32 pairs of values. With a normally closed contact r the currentpath u-r is closed when the relay isde-energized and open when it is energisedExternal limit switch The setting of the external limit switch acts on all the relays. Valid device addresses are in the range from 1 to The change of length unit ismade in matrix field V8H3.

Endresse Hauser FMU 860 Ultrasonic measurement

It is connected to Transducer Block TB 2 and contains the following parameters: The beginning and end of the range can be rmu, i. The relays follow the analogue output. Mounting screws and nuts supplied. When measuring the difference or average, channel 1 shows the unchanged measurandof the sensor.


Basic setting Basic adjustment and Setting the totalisersNote! Separate limit switchinputAll Prosonic transmitters have an additional limit switch input. Calibration for the measurement of level, differential and average measurement;describes basic calibration to rapidly display a measured value, and other functions, e. If a number cannot be displayed on the 4 12 digit display, E appears. Modules for the cyclic data telegram Fmy the cyclic data telegram the Prosonic provides the following modules: Other instruments can be connected to the Prosonic transmitter for special applications: This is a function of the type of sensorused.

Endresse Hauser FMU Ultrasonic measurement | Vikat Ekinox

Every field shows one parameter. A warning does not influence the switching behaviour of the limit switch. This table can be enteredby hand. A relay function is selected by entering a number in V1H1 and confirming with E.

If the units connected to the signal line cannot handle signals below 4 mA, it is possibleto define a 4 mA threshold in V8H2, below which the analogue output may not drop.