Learn about Robotics and Programming The fischertechnik ROBO TX Training Lab provides students with the tools needed to construct and program eleven. ed machines and robots using the ROBO TX Controller from fischertechnik. As you certainly know, a lot of the components in the ROBO TX Training Lab use. Find great deals for fischertechnik Computing Robo TX Training Lab 11 Models Parts NIOB. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Fischer Technik Robo TX Training Lab Summer Robot Building Project

I thought the sample program would have the robot follow the line. Once the hardware was corrected we were ready to try the program. Razor Pocket Mod Betty. We learned how to write a rogo process fan and light on at the same time and we learned how to connect a loop for continuous operation.

So I don’t know if the PT is broken or I am doing something wrong. My son and I will figure out the mistakes before next week. The motor should run in case of the light barrier is broken hand within the barrier.

fischertechnik Robo TX Training Lab

Not only can programs be downloaded into the controller, you can also control the robots from the computer. This is very helpful during debugging because you can see exactly what the robot is doing at each step in the program. Please login or register.


We had some spare time last week, so the kids also played with Hexbug Nanos, our Roboquad and my son showed them the Lego Gumball Machines he’s been building. Strictly Necessary cookiesFunctionality cookiesPerformance cookies and Advertising cookies.

I have checked the wire connections with an Ohm meter and they are OK along with their port connections to the Controller, and the polarity of the PT is correct as well. Javascript is currently disabled in your browser, please turn it on to avoid loss of functionality. We had two building sessions so far. The robot is pretty fast!

We discussed making changes to the program to perfect it, but in the end the kids wanted to move on to another project, so we left it alone. It was only a few modifications to add the line sensor to the front and two lights to the rear. The kit has a paper mat containing a thick black line for the robot to follow. Update on robot building with the Fischer Technik kit: Every time it was picked up, the wheels spun. Due to our error last week, the kids were careful to choose the correct bulb.


Home Help Search Login Register. We are looking forward to it!

I have learned that it is a good idea to check their work at each step. We eliminated the mistakes made in an earlier step and the tralning came together quickly. We discovered the solution accidentally by reading the manual. Comparing to mindstorms, the advantage Fischer Technik has is the way the pieces fit together.

We wrapped up our summer robot building project by completing the final steps to turn our Fischer Technik Basic Model into a “Trail Searcher”, or line following robot. That means your payment information is always protected, and never gets seen by anyone. If one child had difficulty, the others were asked to lend a hand. September 22, It is extremely similar to Lego Mindstorms fischeretchnik kits.

This summer myself and a group of gifted fourth graders are building robots with the Fischer Technik Robo TX Training lab kit. We also decided to make and debug our own programs.