Feats are cards that have abilities such as movement, regeneration, etc. They cost “points” to use them in the game. The amount of “points” they cost is in the. This upcoming event they said no resources (probably an oversight) so that opens the door for me to use some Feats. What are you favorite. I’m playing in a tournament next week with feats and Battlefield conditions. What are some characters to pair up with feats and Battlefield.

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The best place for constructive discussion, sharing your creations and trying to learn the game better. Originally Posted by Wolverazio Game mechanics built in vacuums that would never be made in the same era that lead to such abusive combos that people don’t show up.

And all of this has to happen to a character of 60 points or more, so no putting it on a fig one might not mind risking the points to use this feat. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

You are currently viewing HCRealms. In a golden age game am I able to print feat cards from heroclix. Originally Posted by burleigh2. What are you favorite Feat combos? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


700 point ANY Marvel and DC Heroclix, No resources, BFC’s or Feats

Originally Posted by Surfer13 And yes, I realize that there are ways to gain other powers that might allow a character to make use of a feat that there were assigned, but if they gain the powers then they have a usable feat, so again, what was the problem?

The Outwit prerequisite on ffeats is now functionally meaningless, since prerequisites are only checked on use, and the game has no way to check for it I’ve gone over this in threads in the past. Anyone that plays that is a dink.

Featts Moderator Online Online Status: Feats were even more game-warping than Resources, as will become clear as we look back at the top five of the Top Ten feats ever:.

Any character can be assigned any Feat. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Having trouble finding a venue? In contact with Oracle: And when was the last time a feat was released?

Jan Join Date: The time now is I used to love feats, but they can break the game in the wrong hands. If the prerequisite is a power, they only need to be able to use that power, is does not need to be “showing on their dial”. Submit a new text post. Surfer13 Member Offline Online Status: All times are GMT Does the IG count as a special object?


Just look at the Kyle Rayner example. Anybody with pulse wave loves nova blast, which deals unmodified damage to all characters within PW’s range. Feats and Resources I have had a hard time finding current rulings for “past rules” stuff, and I am unsure how some things work. Notify me of new posts by email. Originally Posted by Lantern Jordan Where does one go about getting the feat cards nowadays?

The Gauntlet is a Resource, not a Special Object.

What are your favorite Feats? : Heroclix

Earthquake says, at the beginning of each players’ turn, roll 2d6. If it is on my force am I still able to place 2 light object and 1 heavy? Stunning blow essentially says the same thing. Find More Posts by Lantern Jordan Any judge that allows that shouldn’t be a judge outside of some special scenario. Can confirm, the right Nova Blast at the right time can swing a whole game. Feats were even more game-warping than Resources, as will become clear as we look back at the top five of the Top Ten feats ever: