“Here to Help” is a support column written especially for Formstack’s awesome, loyal customers. So you’ve created a form with the Formstack. Watch how to manage form data and export or share it within the Formstack application. Formstack’s Advanced PDFs tool lets you personalize the look of your exported PDFs, customize shown fields, and easily share edited files with others.

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Great tool and easy to use. Sign up using Email and Password.

Migrating form data from FormStack « Gravity Support Forums

I always explain it to say it is like Google Docs on Steroids. Can’t seem to change design of submission pages add logos etc to make it a nice document to add into reports when needed. Formstack is simple to set up and easy to use.

Is is hard to build surveys from scratch. Formstack Features Forms Automation Features.

We are continually updating our products, and would love to hear from you with any recommendations you may have. And fotmstack face at the same time.

I can’t recommend them enough for people who are trying to do online registration with groups of people. We set everything up in minutes.


I’ve also used the Google-docs sync feature to communicate registrations to other people I work with across the state. Create full featured forms. Can’t seem to change design of submission pages add logos etc to make it a nice document to add into reports when needed Overall: Formstxck it be done with an XML file?

My firm is a long-time promoter of FormStack so many of our existing clients use that service. Although it is great that we can customize with css and javascript it would be better if some basic things were included out of the box without requiring javascript or Tto.

It does have connectors which are easy to set up so syncing results with salesforce was very easy. This article may help with your self-tallying forms concern: Great tool, great customer support.

The ability to encrypt submissions and the simplicity of configuring additional users to view submissions. I wish I could tell a different story, but unfortunately, we had a terrible experience with the software and the “support” team. I think it’s fine for that basic need. Here is some information you might find helpful: I’ve been happy with it. The integration with third party services are great as well as the custom notification emails sent to attendees of events based on how they fill out their form.


It was intuitive and easy to set-up.

I can set it and forget it. I was expogt from a different form generating software and so did the same that I was doing before. However their customer support is fantastic and they went above and beyond to ensure that the customizations I needed were provided.

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Her email is Jessica.

Formstack + WP All Export Pro Integrations

It is nice to be able to have a centralized form, and to have all the finished applications deposited in the same spot. I’m developing a site with multipage forms that the client needs to complete. Plus, I expprt then keep digital records of my registrations instead of having files, and files, and files of paper. We love getting new ideas from our customers on product improvements.