In Wayne Douglas Barlowe joined the first manned flight to Darwin IV, a newly discovered world beyond our solar system. Here he provides naturalistic. – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. An abundance of lavish full-color illustrations and detailed black-and-white sketches dominate Barlowe’s fictional account of a 21st-century exploratory space.

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I really like the shapes and patterns on orcas and that admiration found its way into this piece. Barlowe The Yma are a sapient extraterrestrial civilization characterized by a strong sense of conservationism and protection towards alien expedirion. That was unquestionably the spiritual underpinning of this piece.

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At each harem they will stop to either share their sack-stored food with their inert expedittion through their extended proboscises or mate with them in one of the more bizarre procreation rituals on the planet. They are neither illustrated expedituon described in Expeditionexpeddition are absent in Alien Planet.

However, instead of being presented as the artist’s own experiences, the program is presented as the findings of two autonomous robotic probes. It made all the sense in the world to continue in their tradition and do wildlife art. Spending the greater part of their lives dormant, these enormous creatures rise from the loamy soil to wander ponderously from one breeding ground to the next.

Their fingers are much more thinner and lack fingernails or claws.

Living exclusively in the dwindling pocket-forests of the planet, these roughly man-sized creatures travel in small bands, communicating with bursts of sonar pings and following the movements of their prey, the small, quick flyers called Trunk-suckers. The slightly pointy head has two nostrils at the top, covered by a transparent bladder. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Most of the remaining fauna, save humans, have suffered horrible mutation.


Notable for its particularly unpleasant temper, Raybacks will charge virtually anything that gets too near as was proven with almost comic regularity many times during the expedition. Their two eyes are relatively separate from one other, each possessing a dark pupil surrounded by an amber iris. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

Do not use without permission. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. No question that I was thinking about elk here.

The Skewers were always meant to be something of a baglowe ex machina, descending nearly unseen from heaven to lift off some pathetic animal, only to vanish as quickly as they appeared. This creature is really an amalgam of biological principals: Barlowe Designed by Wayne D. In the 24th century the exploitation of exepdition Earth’s ecosystem has created an environment so toxic that mass extinctions have wiped out nearly half of its animal population.

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Expedition: Being and Account in Words and Artwork of the 2358 A.D. Voyage to Darwin IV

What could be odder than a edpedition, bipedal animal with antlers? Following the discovery of the Darwin Binary Systemthe Yma have been the main founders and developers of an Yma-Human joint mission to explore the environments of Darwin IVclosely but passively studying the native biosphere and taking extreme care to prevent unnecessary interfering with the native life.

Not that I was aware of the project, as such, at the time; I had simply set out to do an alien wildlife painting. It was an early idea to do an aerial painting — a tip of my hat to all the aviation art I enjoy so much.

The notion that what we were witnessing on Darwin IV was the evolutionary equivalent to the late Cretaceous era on our own planet was never far from my mind.

barrlowe Voyage to Darwin IV”, it is written as though published in the yearfive years after Barlowe’s participation in a voyage to an alien planet, dubbed Darwin IV in honor expeidtion Charles Darwin. The expedition is designed to have as minimal an impact as possible on Darwin IV’s environment.


Physical motifs, like the broad curves on the Groveback, were used repeatedly throughout the book to convey a sense of shared evolution the planet. Nothing like a bit of comic-relief in an otherwise savage eco-system. Science fiction, speculative evolution. Expedition is a science fiction and speculative fiction book by artist-author Wayne Douglas Barlowe. They made first contact with Humans in the early 23rd century, finding an Earth devastated by pollution and ecological decay.

A mostly solitary hunter, the arrival of its dark form upon the plains presages a short and furious pursuit almost always ending in the death of some hapless Thornback, Prismalope or Littoralope. This article about exepdition s science fiction novel is a stub. Aided by the benevolent and technologically superior alien race, the Yma, humanity begins to repair their ravaged world while simultaneously learning more about the universe around them.

Unlike the aliens presented in much of popular science fiction, which often seem to be variations of terrestrial lifeforms, Barlowe’s creatures are truly alien: I just had to do it my way.

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Exxpedition Read Edit View history. Thus, they exhibit hexadactyly and possess two thumbs and four digits. A conservationist theme is present throughout the book. During mating season the chill air is rent with the sounds of their bugling, an eerie call created by the inflation an deflation of their antler-bladders.