Evertz Microsystems expressly prohibits the use of this manual for any purpose other than the operation of the MVP™ and MVP Maestro™. Due to on going. Updated manual corresponding to Firmware/Maestro release .. C:\ Program files\evertz\VIP\Maestro\systems (default VIP Maestro installation folder). 2. Evertz Microsystems Ltd. MVP server and Maestro software Highest quality multi- image outputs: Most control environment using Evertz Maestro software.

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The following instructions can be used to modify the display view: The display manager displays all of the logical displays in the system. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Monitor Object Properties Drag and drop the monitor object from the Objects form on to the design canvas. Setup for MVP Figure Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.

Analog Clock Object Drag and drop the analog clock from the Object form onto the Design Canvas, move the clock to appropriate area of display by dragging and dropping or by using the alignment and movement utilities.

Move video object from bottom layer to top layer allows for window overlap, MVP only. Each device in the list can be selected and given a unique configuration in the system. The same action is also possible by double-clicking the selected window in the Design Canvas page view. Display Manager Shortcut Keys Resolution View – Advanced Setup Configuration: Set the color and opacity of the active text.


Status window that displays XDS program rating for input. Use the Properties window to configure the size, colour, turn scales on and off and set orientation of level bar. Crop monitor dimension to match interior object video monitor, clock object, etc. Help Menu View Maestro – 12 Revision 1. Returns to the Display Manager page view. Properties Window — 4 State Tally Add a Tally object to the monitor object by selecting the Status tab from the Objects form and dragging and dropping the Tally icon onto the object.

Define trigger for stopping timer. When loading a previously created preset, it must have been created for the VIP. Monitor Objects components diagram Set the color and opacity for the active tally indicator.

MAGNUM Multiviewer – Multiviewer Control Software Module

Maestro – 22 Revision 1. The reset button unselects all selected triggers.

Contact Us for more information. Group inputs based on above sort criteria. Duplicate video object with input assigned.


The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the evsrtz to the presence of important operating and maintenance i. Resolution View – Advanced Setup Additional accessible formats for this information are available upon request.

Option to display window indicator labels. Set the color and opacity of the inactive text used on the tally message. Product Manual The VIP-X simultaneously addresses two common challenges by combining a functional and highly reliable control room routing platform with a modular multi-image display system in one integrated package. Refresh the screen view. Fault Object Property Sheet Alignment: Enter an optional message to be displayed on the tally object when triggered.


VIP-X is the complete solution for your next control room, or better yet your facility. Select layer to add objects to, use checkbox to select visibility of each layer.

Select the clock object to change the clock properties: Alphanumeric sort based on name of hardware. Monitor Evvertz Components Phase Bars Use protocol based source label. Adjust the level at which Maestro will send out status logs for the session. Add a fault message to video object. Any representations in this document concerning performance of Evertz products are for informational use only and are not warranties of future performance, either expressed or implied.

This chapter describes the operation and features of the Maestro graphical design client.

Resize the Canvas page view to show the limits of the display resolution. Video and clock objects.