Eucheuma , Orig. name Gigartina isiforme () Endlicher , Variety Eucheuma isiforme var. denudatum , The yield and physicochemical properties of native and alkali treated carrageenan from Eucheuma isiforme harvested from the Nicaraguan. The yield and physicochemical properties of native and alkali treated carrageenan from Eucheuma isiformeharvested from the Nicaraguan coast were .

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Aspegren specimen in Lund No. Among the species originally included in Eucheuma by J. In some cases, general decay has been seen to result in the death and disappearance of ail but the very oldest basal, often horizontal but unattached, segments.

Eucheuma isiforme

For these reasons, as in terrestrial agronomy, farming is done only on fiat places. In addition to foreign exchange earnings for those countries exporting the seaweed and the final use values of its carrageenans, the labor-intensive farming of Eucheuma is of great socio-economic ieiforme to the often nearly indigent shore dwelling families who grow it.

Riconermoso, Revolutionary impact of Eucheuma cultivation in the South China Sea on the carrageenan industry. For good growth the habitat is especially important in reference to bottom elevation, water movement, the nearness and nature of the bottom materials and the pests that may be in the area. Eudheuma government or tradition intervenes, rather than cost of materials, etc.

The terms are metric tons and U. In an unpublished study the fixed nitrogen and dissolved phosphorus contents of the water, as well as other factors, were determined weekly as the water passed through about 15 meters of usually dense Eucheuma planting. What arrangements exist for leasing or private ownership of nearshore or intertidal areas for this purpose have been ineffective or have been applied at the initiative of local fisheries officers and the private sector by what might be called field expediency.

Monographias Biologicas Marinas, 37 p.

Eucheuma isiforme – Wikispecies

Since Eucheuma grows almost entirely in open ocean water in areas of high water motion, light and temperature are not significant factors in local distribution. Seven types are recognized and referred to by the greek letters, beta, gamma, kappa, lambda, iota, mu and nu. Many things including people, other animals, or boats, or flotsam passing through the plantings may break them asunder. On reef flats there is no conflict with fisheries useage or with ocean navigation.


In Taxonomy of economic seaweeds with reference to some Pacific and Caribbean species, edited by J. These may remain alive though reduced to an unbranched cylinder. Other places isiforje at best a total of a few hundred eufheuma per year. An outstanding exception is their special effect in some milk products wherein carrageenan is often essential or nearly so. Secondary attachments are normally formed when an apical cell tuft is held against a surface.

Some eighteen ieiforme twenty species alone fall within the genus Eucheumarepresented by the groups CottoniformiaGelatiformiaand Anaxiferae. In Hawaii, as Ophiodesma spectabilisthey arrive as net piankters and become up to 2 cm in diameter and half a meter long. A common and a scientific binomial name are given for each. None of these authors euchduma the sections of the genus, Anaxi-ferae, Cottoniformia or Gelatiformia, from which the commercial cottonii and gelatinae crops arise.

Bushy thalli are formed in isifotme water, and trailing cottonii forms are found Doty where current dominates. There is no question as to the nomenclature iaiforme this species, Eucheuma alvarezii Doty In the Philippines legislative and executive bodies have considered legislation and various regulations, but these have not been effected.

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Yet these relationships are important for farm production.

The contumacy of the species of red algae for the above described triphasic life history is well known to those who have sought it. Doty describes repeated observations of the same populations of commercial species relative to the non- Eucheuma seaweeds at some 31 sites just in the Sulu Archipelago. Such losses in weight and color increase the value eucheima the crop, but this is at the farmer’s expense, isivorme the greater effort and loss of weight bring a compensatory higher first sale price.


The Hawaiian study reveals some of the environmental parameters Table 3 sucheuma which Eucheuma thrives; it also indicates that spinosum and the two principle strains of cottonii grow Table 6 at different rates and may have different seasonalities.

It indicates a poor season, place or way of farming. Cottonii tips are mostly directed toward the light, parallel to each other and thus away from surrounding objects; thus its having secondary attachments is not common. Agardh recolectada en la zona Habana -Matanzas. Thus today one uses E. Articles with euxheuma microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Shipping Process Value index Standard 0. Nomenclatural notes Doty The most striking strains are strongly green thalli, principally, but other color and some morphological varieties are seen commonly. University Press of Florida. Their molecular weights may be as high asLeiden Cornelis Haak, p. Most farms are probably near one tenth of a hectare or far less than a hectare in extent.

Agardhwho included seven species one of which was E. Cottonii may form erect cane-like forms seasonally in pools or deeper water. Milk reactivity and gel strength may be related to potassium and sulfate, respectively, at the 4-carbon positions.

In some others nothing has happened. World-wide electronic publication, National University of Ireland, Galway. Its effect on humans is believed to be nil and, in foods containing it, the carrageenans are minor components by weight, though often indispensable for contributing a specific quality to the product.

Algaebase is sponsored by: The farming of Eucheuma has raised certain environmental issues, mostly centered on the ecology and biodiversity of coastal environments. Jacino, The “ice-ice” problem in seaweed farming. The rigid and bush-like thallus form enhances thinning of the boundary layers wherever they are subjected to water motion.