unique staffing choices. In this lesson, you’ll learn about ethnocentric staffing, regiocentric staffing and geocentric staffing. A short quiz follows. Ethnocentrism is pre- dominantly a home country orientation. Ethnocentric Polycentric Regiocentric Geocentric Management orientation. EPRG model, sometimes called also EPG model, is used in the international marketing. It was introduced by Perlmutter (). The strategy of.

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Ethnocentric staffing means to hire management that is of same nationality of parent company. A spokesperson for Hero MotoCorp said several experts have joined the company of late.

Although the managers operate relatively independently in the region, they are not normally moved to the company headquarters. Hong Kong was found to be the best country in Asia to acquire new skills with 62 per cent women expats opting for it, closely followed by Singapore at 61 per cent, China at 47 per cent, Taiwan at 44 per cent and Vietnam at 43 per cent.

The selection criteria for international jobs usually revolve around the five core areas of behaviour, attitudes, skills, motivation and personality. The EPG model is a framework for a firm to better pinpoint its strategic profile in terms of international business strategy. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The companies that adopt this method normally have a localized HR department, which manages the human resources of the company in that country. It has been introduced by Howard V.

EPRG Framework – Management Study HQ

For international recruitment, especially on foreign soil, organizations generally use manpower agencies or consultants with international connections and repute to source candidates, in addition to the conventional sources. It is a natural tendency for people to act ethnocentrically because it is what they feel comfortable with. Sales are often boosted as a result, since the company remains in touch with local trends, cultures, and more. Understandably, the company must keep international knowledge and experience as criteria in the recruitment and selection process.

For instance, there is the loss of national sovereignty when one nation is dominated by another — this can lead to a loss in economic and political nationalism. The geocentric approach uses Ihe best available managers for a business without regard for their country of origin. Also, corporate headquarters may not employ enough managers with international experience.

Manufacturing cos recruit expats in key artificial intelligence, digital roles. It is the overall goal of geocentrism to form a collaborative network between headquarters and subsidiaries; this arrangement should entail a set of universal standards that can thus be used as a guideline when attacking key business decisions. Natives of Australia manage the home office. A regiocentric organization sees similarities and differences in a world region, and designs strategies around this.

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See the full list of Strategy Skills eBooks, templates and checklists available for free download right now. For instance, if a company is based in the United Kingdom and has leadership from the U. With that said, geocentrism is an ideology that must be accepted by any corporation operating globally in order for any sort of success and long term stability to be attained.

International firms, while choosing employees for overseas operations, usually prefer people with highly developed technical skills good language and communication skills tolerance towards other culture, race, creed, colour, habits, and values high level of motivation stress resistance goal-oriented behaviour Finally, at the time of selection for international assignments, an organization should consider the previous overseas experience, family circumstances and cultural-adaptability level of the candidates aspiring for the global jobs.

While there are many obstacles that will hinder a company’s ability to become geocentric, there are also a handful of forces which will drive them towards this. However, when it comes to better career progression, China topped the list with 73 per cent women expats choosing the country, followed by Hong Kong at 64 per cent, India at 62 per cent, Singapore at 60 per cent and Indonesia at 52 per cent, the survey revealed.

Ethnocentric, Geocentric and Polycentric Essay three primary models of international marketing that address the marketing mix include ethnocentric, geocentric and polycentric. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Understandably, the company must keep international knowledge and experience as criteria in polucentric recruitment and selection process. This is due to the regiocenntric that the end objective of any selection process is to choose the most capable persons for the job.

Organizations that are designed with an ethnocentric focus will portray certain tendencies. Polycentric orientation assumes that host country regiiocentric are different making a centralised approach unfeasible. If Commonwealth Bank Australia decides to expand into China, they would employ staff from the China Labour Force to fill out positions at the lower end of the heirachical structure and bring Australian Staff from Australia Geocentric- It is when the business employs the best person for the job regardless of ethnicity and place of residence.


The HR department must have the capacity to foresee the changes in these markets and exploit those changes productively. Polycentric management means that the head office places little control on the activities in each market, and there is little attempt to make use of any good ideas or best practices from other markets.

In the most extreme views of polycentrism, it is the “attitude that culture of various countries are different, that foreigners are difficult to understand and should regiocentrjc left alone as long as their work is profitable.

An H-1B alien may work for any petitioning U. To the greatest extent possible, nationalities are largely ignored in this system, with the company being run as a global enterprise rather than a large corporation which is deeply rooted in one specific nation.

Rather, this kind of organization will focus only on what they think is best for the needs of the organization and its customers. In the next stage, the employee database is prepared according to the manpower requirement of the company for international operations. However, such a strategy will be difficult to execute and will require significant resources such as human resources and other financial resources. This in turn could cause a lack of flexibility and local responsiveness.

Indian Information Technology companies supported nearly 2. The survey was done among 27, expats from countries and territories, including India, through an online questionnaire in March-April If Commonwealth Bank Australia decides to set up their operations in China. Often there yeocentric major differences between countries regkocentric a region.

EPRG Framework

In this case, it would be important for a firm to re-align its focus in order to ensure that it is correctly representing the firm’s focus. Geocentric approach When a company adopts the strategy of recruiting the most suitable persons for the positions available in goecentric, irrespective of their nationalities, it is called a geocentric approach.

An H-1B alien may work for any petitioning U. The survey found Singapore to be the best place to improve earning prospects with 71 per cent women expats choosing the country, followed by Hong Kong at 55 per cent, China at 45 per cent, South Korea at 44 per cent and Vietnam at 42 per cent.

A polycentric approach “gives rise geocentrif the problems of coordination and control.