Anything worth doing is worth doing for money. A deal is a deal until a better one comes along. A contract is a contract is a contract (but only between Ferengi) . Ferengi-Erwerbsregeln. likes. Die Erwerbsregeln der Ferengi sind ein Leitwerk für die Geschäfte aller Mitglieder der Spezies und des Volks der. In a shock revelation to Quark and Rom, the Grand Nagus reveals he has re- written the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition; a move which threatens to.

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Employees are rungs on the ladder of success. Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for latinum. Fsrengi can be succulent, but sometimes they can bite back. Deep Space Nine Television production. Good customers are as rare as latinum.

Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

A good lie is erwerbsregln to believe than the truth. Never allow family to stand in the way of opportunity. Never place friendship above profit. Every man has his price. Ask not what your profits can do for frengi, but what you can do for your profits.

Deep Space Nine Season 1, Episode Everything is for sale, even friendship. Retrieved from ” http: Peace is good for business. You keep their money.

  KSD 3515 PDF

There’s nothing more dangerous than an honest businessman. It confuses the hell out of your enemies. Never ask when you can take. These rules were almost complete opposites of the original rules and promoted honesty and charity.

Unabridged and fully annotated with all 47 commentaries, all major and minor judgments, all 10, considered opinions. It’s always good business to know about new customers erwerbsregekn they walk in the door. There’s a rule for every conceivable situation.

That way, it’s easier to exploit them next time. Don’t hesitate to step on them. Star Trek Into Darkness Beyond. A contract is a contract is a contract but only between Ferengi.

Never allow doubt to tarnish your love of latinum.

Rules of Acquisition

Deep Space Nine when Behr was the executive producer of the series. Event occurs at 3: A deal is a deal Never allow family to stand in fegengi way of opportunity. A contract erwervsregeln a contract is a contract War is good for business. Good customers are as rare as latinum — treasure them. Generations First Contact Insurrection Nemesis. Peace is good for business. You can’t free a fish from water. The Rules ferenvi said to be divinely inspired and sacred thus furthering the original marketing ploy.


From Enterprise, episode “Acquisition”; sloppy script-writing, as rule 6 see above was already given in DS9 Keep your ears open. Not a real Rule; Quark considered it one of the “few pieces of sound business advice that he’d ever heard uttered by a hew-mon.

Never cheat a Klingon Good things come in small packages [22]. Never make fun of a Ferengi’s mother Satisfaction is not guaranteed. Unabridged and fully annotated, with all 47 commentaries, all major and minor judgments, all 10, considered opinions. You can’t erwrbsregeln a deal if you’re dead.

Rules of Acquisition – Wikipedia

Voyager episode ” False Profits ” mentions a book containing all of the Rules:. However, in ” Little Green Men “, it is stated that it “took [ten thousand years] to establish the Ferengi Alliance “, which might imply Gint lived circa BCferegni he is considered the founder of the Alliance.

Latinum eewerbsregeln longer than lust. A rule proposed by Grand Nagus Rom in response to the Hur’q invasion. It’s not smart to turn down a deal with the Grand Nagus.