Title: The Art of Thinking Author: Ernest Dimnet * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted. Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he.

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Ghe from ” https: How can such intelligent people put up with such absurdities? The author of this ernst is certainly not prepared to say that he has acted, or even is now acting, up to his own principles; still he is not bragging in saying that he has probably felt their value more than many people nearer to genius than he is.

When you say that you were reading this book attentively, you mean that your intellect was expending some share of your consciousness—let us say one fifth or, at best, one third of it—on the book. As long as an author does not diimnet the habit of “only writing his book,” as Joubert says, “when it is finished in his mind,” or cannot honestly say, like Racine: But a flutter passes over the little crowd.

It is the whole problem, for what can save a child from conformity would also empower any one of us to produce thoughts of his own. I wish some of it would stick. There are at least thijking dozen suggestions offered, any one of which will lead to improvements of mental habits.

Ernest Dimnet

Chardenal does not look attractive at erenst. Notre Dame is a Catholic college, certainly, but it is that much less than it is a stronghold of football.

The editor ought to have in mind Addison, Cobbett or Bernard Shaw when he writes an essay; as a matter of fact he does not even think of Mr. Long before the new arrival begins to know the language which he calls the American, and even before changing his name from Silvio into Sullivan, he is trying eernest be as American as his simple resources will let him. Obstacles To Thought 5. The Art of Thinking was on the best-seller lists in the US in the s, alongside Dale Carnegie’s self-help works, but it is mostly forgotten today.

Measure Descartes, the refugee to Holland, or his disciple Spinoza, the artisan, or that typical provincial professor, Kant, or Karl Marx, by confronting their personalities with their influence. You are standing near the doorsill, looking, and not looking, thinking.


How many people dare to say they tthinking not read the book which three or four other people in a drawing room are discussing in non-committal language? Round the car two or three men, hot with ineffective guessing are still talking excitedly when the taciturn man appears; for an hour they have talked, tried and failed.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Are we satisfied with merely speaking the exterior or interior cinema?

There is no evil xrt here, but only clocks, calendars, and A. This title evidently suggests a book for hectic people in quest of a method to compress forty-eight hours into twenty-four.

Today literature has routed all its rivals, even science, no matter how idolized, and it is so in schools as it is in thinkin. Living incarnations of genius the French boy eagerly seeks. It is better that the teacher of the Art of Thinking should not be a person who knows no difficulty in thinking, or produces such brilliant thoughts that they will be disheartening to the tyro.

Children have to be educated, but they have also aart be left to educate themselves. Just looking for business, society, sporting news will not teach you to think. Many a Frenchman has never been able to recapture his first delicious impression of Paris, after reading the volumes of Marquis de Rochegude. Little else was drawn attention to, but the characters of ancient history became familiar, and the main lines of the science of politics were inferred, even when they were not taught.

One act every night should yhinking me through in five or six months. Tinking read the best. More exceptionally, we see or hear a whole scroll of eight or ten words, as the gentleman did, and we are tempted to imagine we think in words, which would be superior to thinking in images.

Ten o’clock at night.

Keep it close at hand, read a page or two, a paragraph, opening at random. This genius, every time he was compelled to write, relapsed into the state of mind in which he used to be, years before, when going through examinations at the Sorbonne.

What do most people do who are not poor emigrants but “people”?

Ah, What are they? Make use of the little bits of time you have – eg: At an age when impressions are as deep as they are insidious, uneducating education can produce mental parasites which, in time, are apt to result in inferiority complexes, or—a worse evil—can distort our whole outlook on life.


Many people act in daily thunking a character not their own, and the working of their minds is hopelessly vitiated by the constant effort. Are people generally satisfied with the education they have themselves received or see dispensed to their children?

Ernest Dimnet – Wikipedia

And they are schools preeminently intended to develop physical strength and its spiritual counterpart, will-power. Taine was haunted with a desire to hit upon an impossible world-mirroring formula, until the study of history cured him of this yearning by substituting such a simple summary of what history teaches us that, at first, the author was ashamed of it. Soon the trouble is found. Some literary men appear original because of the bizarre character of their expression; but the least effort to boil down their most arresting page to its salt of pure thought will show that they have little to say: The American boy leaves school with a more or less definite idea that what is called culture is a luxury, that is to say a superfluity.

When a traveller visits the United States for the first time he cannot help noticing a curious phenomenon. The young man was astonished and I was a little anxious about his next reaction, for earnestness does not flourish in the vicinity of brilliance.

The Art of Thinking : Ernest Dimnet :

So, we are confronted with images, images, and more images. What is important to you is the garret in which you used to muse away hours with the smell of apples floating around you, the picture of Erasmus which you love, your undying indignation at the man who did not appreciate that picture, your son’s future and an exceptional chance of improving it. Every time we really succeed in watching our mental process we discover the presence of images.

Psychologists speak of the “mental stream. Full many a gem of purest ray serene, The dark unfathom’d caves of ocean bear; Full many a flower is born to blush unseen And waste its sweetness on the desert air. The thee of a man’s thinking may seem difficult to detect on account of the various strata thinoing which real thought generally is hiding, but, if introspection is applied, all the apparent difficulty vanishes.

After all there are other useful things besides French. Explore the Home Gift Guide.