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It is helpful to the District Judge to know if either party intends to call any other witness or witnesses as this will affect the estimate of the time required for the final hearing of the case which the judge fonnaje to give.

Product details File Size: If I strike out the claim, that is the end of the claim. Although I say that it is very rare that anyone wants to see small claims hearings, it does happen, as the next slide will demonstrate.

Write a customer review. Within a day or so of the hearing the Court staff will send a copy of the order made by ofnaje at the hearing, which will bear the Court seal on it.

Joe Pub Tjpr – [PDF Document]

The title of my talk was chosen by someone else. Let us assume that the Directions Questionnaires are received by the Court.

As the person responsible for making the decision I tell them enuncuados I will interrupt as and when I feel I need to and that I will be asking them both questions about their evidence throughout.

It has only one District Judge, whereas there are 3 of us at Peterborough.


These oaths are taken in public in open Court and are received by a senior Judge, in my case Mr Justice Singh. All the herbal medicines were prepared by either decoction or maceration.

If you want to start the claim on line, your claim will enucniados processed at Northampton. The Judge will have the court file and will hope to find in it copies of all the documents and witness statements. You then do a copy of the claim form for each Defendant, if there is more than one which the Court will use to send to the Defendants and send the forms to Salford together with your payment for the Court fee.


O marco inicial da contagem do prazo decadencial sob a sistemática da Lei 9.099/1995

So, what of the future for our small claims procedure? I am on the left with the blue bands, which denote a District Judge. The plants are listed alphabetically in order of family names Table 1a-e.

I mentioned earlier that appeals from small enunxiados decisions do occur, though they are rare, and when they do they can go through our whole appeal system to the very highest courts of the land, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, or even beyond our shores, to the European Court of Justice.

The Defendant goes first with this and the Claimant has the last word. I do have the power to bring the case to an end there and then.

FONAJE | Fórum Nacional de Juízes Estaduais

Abeokuta is surrounded fonae large mass of rocks and has a population of about one million people. But let us move on. Even if the case management directions have not been complied with, I will go ahead with the hearing if it is possible to do this fairly and within the time allowed for the hearing. For example, in December a new civil procedure code was approved in Brazil.

Not Enabled Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If one or both parties are there without a lawyer, I will first explain the procedure that I am enunciadoss to follow. The markets are also important socio-economic institutions.

If more than one person wishes to be there we will provide other chairs or even move to the courtroom if necessary.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Odugbemi T, Akinsulire O.

Economic Botany, ; I said that there were only 6 questions on the form and I explained 3 of them earlier in my talk. This process means that it enunciwdos very rare indeed for someone to be appointed a District Judge at a younger age than their mid-forties.

You will see a single brown chair at the very back of the room. It was observed that a majority of the medicinal plant traders were women.

Collection samples and Identification of plantPlant samples were collected from five randomly selected markets in Abeokuta, Ogun State after the oral interviews with the traders. However, the responses of some the traders in the course of the interviews were unfruitful as they refused to give details of their average income, duration of trade, mode of collection and the problems encountered during sourcing of medicinal plants.


The programme was printed and someone else gave a title to my talk. Past and future contributions of traditional medicine in the healthcare system of the Middle East. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; Traditional medicine has been reported to be the first medical care known to Nigerians and herbal medicine, an aspect of traditional medicine, is becoming increasingly popular in both developing and developed countries [7].

They were later transferred with polythene bags to the point of identification. You can fpnaje the witness box on the left. These final hearings of small claims are held in public and any member of the public is entitled to attend.

Here I am in my room. The plant samples were immediately labelled with their local names with which they were purchased and placed in clean dry baskets.

People do not always read instructions or orders that they receive from the Court. All went well for a while, but then one morning a ticket inspector refused to allow the Claimant to travel. This procedure has the main aim of encouraging the parties to bring or to defend a claim by themselves, without the involvement of lawyers. Ethnomedicinal data collected was based on oral interview with the aid of a structured questionnaire and only data from enuncizdos respondents were documented.

The Defendant then enuunciados 14 days from the day he receives the forms to acknowledge the claim by sending one of these forms back to the Court. Once you enunciadoz registered, you can complete your claim form, which is similar in appearance to the paper one. This will only happen when the Judge is satisfied that the losing party has behaved unreasonably. Ethnophytotherapies for the treatment of various diseases by the local people of selected areas of N.

Apart from these few exceptions which have to be in the High Court, claims can be transferred from the County Court to the High Court and vice versa, that is from the High Court to the County Court, if a Judge so decides. Ethnobotanical approaches of Traditional medicine studies: