Entre luz y tiniebla by Laura Whitcomb, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. ENTRE LUZ Y TINIEBLA [Laura; Guelbenzu, Ana Whitcomb] on el papel entre los dedos, ni oler la tinta, ni saborear la punta de un lápiz, veía y. No todo es plácido y sencillo en el mundo de los cuentos de hadas, un lugar en el que Ela podría lograr la felicidad, de no ser por el absurdo.

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Laura Whitcomb writes in a lovely, lyrical style perfectly suited to a book from a disembodied spirit’s point of view. For one, this has been on and off my TBR shelf several times as I would occasionally decide that this is simply not for me and I have no plans to read it.

Bathtub on the cover. After seeing all the high ratings for this including my own daughter’s 4-star ratingI was eagerly anticipating a unique and touching ghost story. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The reason I gave it 4 stars and not a 5 stars is because, at one point I found Helen a bit childish and irresponsible.

They find an empty body for Helen to occupy so that they can truly be together.

In her spare time she sings madrigals with the Sherwood Renaissance Singers and is the props mistress for the Portland Christmas Revels. As events unfold, it becomes clear that not everything is as holy as it seems in this family and, though it may not be the main part of the story, wuitcomb subplot about religious hypocrisy was quite brilliant When I looked up,it was not fear but in wonder.


Jan 04, Cyndi rated it it was amazing.

Entre luz y tiniebla : Laura Whitcomb :

And soon, Helen joins him, by possessing the body of Jennifer, a girl trapped in a very dysfunctional, suffocating family to say the least. She doesn’t entrf around scaring people. Her stunning descriptions of the spirit world versus the physical world outweigh the lack of spiritual depth.

View all 9 comments. One particular scene which really stood out to me in took place between these two secondary characters near the very end, where they meet for the first time, but have already become an anchor in one another’s lives.

A Certain Slant of Light

I cannot say that about many books. By chapter 2, I was hooked. Refresh and try again. Das Ganze hat whitcomn viel zu schnell entwickelt. She has won three Kay Snow Awards and was once runner up in the Bulwer-Lytton writing contest for the best first sentence of the worst Science Fiction novel never written.

It’s in his classroom that she meets James, the first person able to see her since she died. The protagonist has been dead for years and the author really adapts the dialogues for her day and age. So this isn’t an action packed novel; it’s a story of love and self discovery that you sit, ponder and enjoy.

At times during the progression of the story this disappointed me and the pace was slow at the start. View all 3 comments. In this novel, Laura Whitcomb gives me what I need to care about the couple, whilst maintaining a beautiful and slightly creepy atmosphere. Whitcomb’s writing is beautiful and the book is beautiful, it has so many layers I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in quality literature. But eentre figure a few months later it pops up on my Goodreads timeline, I take another glance and de ‘That I wuitcomb your heart’s secret fills me with song.


Oct 21, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: I don’t think I would have read this book if it wasn’t recommended to me. The prose definitely elevated this seemingly “common” ghost story to a captivating piece of literature. While it’s plain to see this book delved deeper into the heart of human emotion than most young-adult books, Whitcomb’s execution of the storyline unsettled me. So their romance is passionate, more mature and more descriptive than what you usually find in YA.

Bathtub on the cover. It does leave some “what now? Helen is terrified and also unnerved by the fact that he can s What a difficult, beautiful and fascinating book. The writing here is beautiful and the story original and interesting. Jul 15, Catie rated it liked it Shelves: I would compare it to tinieblaas Lord of the Rings, many people will think it is genius and others will think it’s long winded and confusing, so I guess it’s all about how tniieblas perceive things.

Brown began to daydream about how he had kept his wife awake the night before, as my spectral pen hovered over a misspelled word, I felt someone watching me.

Jun 04, Emily May rated it really liked it Shelves: