Eminence PSD High Frequency 1″ Driver, 80 Watts at 8 Ohms. Developed for totally loaded Eminence cabinets, or as upgrades to an existing device. Eminence PSD 1 bolt on high frequency driver handles a powerful 80 watts AES at kHz. Eminence:: 1 Inch Bolt On:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W Compression Driver 8 Ohm:: Eminence PSD (Bolt-on) 1 inch Throat 80W.

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The results of the tests were recorded and normalized for level and are available for download. Jan 14, 1, 11 38 My own little world rtimmerm. I use BMS drivers. Finally, thanks to Bonnie T, love of my life who put up with my obsessions over the last month in particular, and the last four years in general. Thread starter Art Welter Start date May 9, John Roberts Graduate Student May 18, Hope I’m not giving away any trade secrets here.

If I am, please remove this post. The BMS drivers have the smallest diaphragms of the drivers tested, whether this type of psr2002 is simply the result of the higher throat SPL required by the smaller diaphragm and exit diameter, or the driver design itself is an unanswered question. Jack Arnott Senior May 17, Regarding the VC size, and its relation to the surface area of the diaphragm. Having one sitting idle after use in a Leslie-style rotating speaker, it psd202 sat idle for the last decade, and provided an interesting glimpse into past designs.

The larger diaphragm drivers have less odd order harmonic distortion at high volume. Who would have thought!? Art Welter Senior May 9, In the past two decades, LF driver technology has made large advances in linear excursion capability and power handling, resulting in more clean LF output per driver, although requiring more power to achieve that goal.

Program consisted of both dual sine wave tones of the same musical interval at different frequencies, and a 30 second music excerpt. While this may sound extreme, these techniques are backed by a ps2d002 of double blind listening tests with expert listeners.

To be continued next post.

That is, only lower frequencies are compressed and transmitted, and higher frequencies are synthesized by copying lower frequency regions up higher. I don’t know about secrets but I thought DG had a strategy to cancel or somehow mitigate “throat” distortion in horns, this is only one type of loudspeaker distortion, thus the desire for linear drivers so the throat distortion will be predictable.


Having owned many of these drivers, have found unit to unit consistency to be quite poor, the driver tested was the ;sd2002 of four units I still own. All the drivers tested are nominally rated as 16 ohm.

John Chiara Senior May 18, Odd order harmonics tend to sound worse at least from a western musical standpoint and there are differences in their levels between the drivers.

The low frequency ripple is less than the unit to unit driver frequency response variance. More emonence coders have pushed compression ratios even high by incorporating spectral replication. Having heard dozens of different HF drivers on dozens of different horns in different venues ranging emience home theaters to arenas, with different arrays driven with various playback material and mixes by different engineers mixing different bands through different consoles, processing, and amplification, about the only conclusion drawn were various HF drivers can sound quite good or lousy.

An extensive discussion could be had about our hearing as it relates to distortion and the “masking” that LF signals can have on its perception. Sorry for the run on mess, tabs and more than single spaces in a line vanish after editing.

I hope this came out right. High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation.

Also, in the same vein, there is less distance for the VC to support, or control at any one time. If you buy from the iTunes store, you’re stuck with k AAC which is adequate for a lot of stuff but not always.

Eminence PSDDIA Diaphragm – Speaker Exchange

I was hoping to find a lighter weight replacement with sound quality exceeding the Electro-Voice DH1A, but in this series of tests it simply was the best sounding driver in every metric I can think of: It is important to note that the VC in Ped2002 drivers is in the middle of the diaphragm, because psx2002 is a ring radiator design, not at the very outside as with a traditional compression driver.

The narrow horn results in an on axis sensitivity around 6 dB more than most typical 90 degree horns, the ps2002 meter results would be similar to one meter results on some horns. I recall first coming to this realization years ago when making some DSP presets for some DIY biamped cabs and discovering that the HF driver with the lowest distortion level didn’t actually end up being the driver I liked best in the cab once it was put into the context of a full range cab.


Jan 11, 2, 0 0 Land of Steady Habits www.

Eminence PSD 2002-8 High Frequency 1″ Driver 80 Watts at 8 Ohms

Hello Art, Wow, what a lot of work you put eminencce this. So in addition to masking, our ears tend not to notice increasing amounts of distortion at higher frequencies. It was very interesting to me to see the two BMS drivers plots side by side. You must log in or register to reply here.

I’d also be very interested to follow a psd200 on masking in relation to drivers. And I am swamped with work at the moment, so will take a while to get to all the things I want to say here.

But Meinence do hear it even with AAC at the lower to mid bit rates. This compression results in high throat SPL, at the upper power levels the drivers were tested at the non- linearity of air is responsible for a significant though undetermined percentage of the of distortion measured, that non- linear distortion is unavoidable in any compression driver design.

It appears to me that although LF transducer technology has made some definite improvements in the past decades, HF driver design constraints have limited improvements to voice coil and diaphragm survivability and lighter weight. This HF compression driver evaluation was undertaken eminrnce three basic reasons: A single DH1A had more extended, clean response than the pair of JBLs, at a considerable weight, size, and cost advantage, both in reduction of driver cost and elimination of a crossover psd202 and amp channels.

Does the Goldwood GM diaphragm fit the eminence psd?

Drivers with more efficient, extended HF output would require less compensating boost. My point still holds water, that DG needs accurate linear drivers for his sundry corrections to work. I believe he was able to correct for horn reflections, not distortion products.