La propagación de plantas, a través de la embriogénesis somática, Tesis presentada en opción al grado científico de Master en Biotecnología Vegetal. UCLV. Embriogénesis somática en papaya cultivar ‘Maradol Roja’: una alternativa para either to produce a high number of plants (high quality vegetal material to be. La regeneración de plantas de cacao mediante embriogénesis somática se ha El manejo del material vegetal se llevó a cabo en cámara de flujo laminar.

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Topicos de La Embriogenesis Somatica Vegetal

Another problem comes from the difficulties for determining the sex of seeds, since papaya is a trioecious plant and sex cannot be determined until flowering, having to wait for up to two or three months since planting. Picomolar concentrations of salicylates induce cellular growth and enhance somatic embryiogenesis in Coffea arabica tissue culture.

INCI30 Developmental pathways of somatic embryogenesis. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Revista Colombiana de Biotecnología

Sin embargo solo los embriones del clon BIOB alcanzaron la etapa cotiledonar. Somatic embryogenesis from immature peach palm inflorescence explants: The methodology developed was supported by histology and electron microscopy studies, and provides a consistent tool to increase the efficiency of the propagation process.

La biotecnologia puede acelerar los programas convencionales de propagacion embfiogenesis de plantas y de mejoramiento genetico y dar soluciones cuando los metodos convencionales fallan. There are also few reports on the obtainment of secondary multiplication from primary somatic embryos, as a key phase to generate higher number of plants in SE.


Embriogenesks is able to induce and develop rooting and to notably increase the development and vigor of plants in vitro in several crops. The embryos went through four phases; Induction, Formation, Maduration and Mantenimiento which corresponded each one with different media culture. Manual del cultivo de cacao.

Nevertheless, a high number of works report callus formation prior to the generation of embriogenfsis somatic embryos, even in the case of using tissues with embryogenic-predetermined cells zygotic embryosthereby increasing the risks of genetic variability in the plants obtained [5]. All these could provide an alternative for papaya cultivation, in order to circumvent the plant losses during the ex vitro acclimatization phase.

Looking for beautiful books? Los embriones pasaron por fases que se correspondieron con medios de cultivo diferenciales: Factors affecting maturation of embriogejesis somatic embryos.

Tissue culture studies with Theobroma cacao. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of De acuerdo con los trabajos realizados por Pruski et al. Revista Respuestas1: A comparison between Theobroma cacao L.

Investigadora y asesora en cultivo in vitro vegetal. Development of Cassava Manihot esculenta Crantz. Photoautotrophic micropropagation for rooting and increased ex vitro survival rates The photoautotrophic culture has several advantages, such as stimulating plant growth and photosynthesis, together with an increase in survival rates during the in vitro – ex vitro transition.

There are three types of plants according to the sex of the inflorescence: Description En el transcurso del siglo XXI, la humanidad tendra que enfrentar una serie extraordinaria de retos.


Topicos de La Embriogenesis Somatica Vegetal : Florio De Real Sunshine :

This has led to the implementation of strategies using molecular markers for sex determination in this species, particularly techniques based on PCR amplification of molecular markers to determine the sex at early stages of development under field conditions [12]. In Cuba, in this crop provided yields of tons, with a cultivated surface of ha [2].

Several work report callus formation for other papaya cultivars prior to the formation of somatic embryos, despite of starting from zygotic embryo tissues with embryogenic predetermined cells which ultimately lead to an increase in genetic variability risks.

This work also provided the first report, up to our knowledge, on the use of zeolite as substrate for the cultivation of shoots in vitro, in combination with increased ventilation as it was carried out. Plant Science PG treatment also improved the morpho-physiological parameters of the plants obtained. A mineral nutrient formulation for microculture of woody plant species. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.