American DJ ®. User Instructions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 9. 5. 6. 7. 8. DMX MIDI. SCENE SETTER™. C A P A B L E. 16 5m. MINS. SHOW. MODE.1Sec. SCENE SETTER Elation Professional R Read the instruction in this manual carefully and thoroughly, as they give important. ELATION. PROFESSIONAL. SCENE SETTER. TI. 24 CH Dimmer Console . Read the instruction in this manual carefully and thoroughly, asthey give important.

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Sorry to be so thick but I called A DJ tech support and they said it could not be done, but then again, they sometimes tend not to be all that up to speed on the finer points of the products. These modes are selected with the Mode Button 3. I am guessing that somewhere along the way the code to enter record got changes from the usual 1 6 6 8, but so far no one seems to know of any way to force a reset.

Stage Setter-24

User Guide and Reference Manual. While holding the Record and Edit buttons, tap steter desired Flash button to enter a new Record Code The Record Code consists of 4 Flash buttons the same button or different buttonsbe sure your new Record Code consists of 4 Flash buttons.

This unit has been outfitted with. There are two types of file dump mode described as below: HI I have read the manual a zillion times, can you tell me where the assign to xcene is described? Before your initial start-up, please. Every has been More information.


See programing on page General Instructions General Instructions Read the instruction in this manual carefully and thoroughly, as they give important information regarding safety during use and maintenance. This button is used to create a chase rate. Control DeviceThe Scene Setter 24 is one elatoon the best-selling lighting controllers in the world.

This button is used to activate the unit s program mode. Thank you for purchasing the by Elation Professional. Flash buttons 3. To prevent or reduce the risk of electrical shock or fire, do Introduction Rev.

In order to receive the full manuual year product warranty, More information. Press the Chase Rev Button. If done correctly, all LED will flash.


The Take-2 is a state-of-the-art message-on-hold. Please route your power cord out of the way of foot traffic. If you are making your own cables be sure to use standard two conductor shielded cable This cable may be purchased at almost all scebe sound and lighting stores.

If the requested repairs or service including parts replacement are within the terms of this warranty, Elation will pay return shipping charges only to a designated point within the United States. General Operation Operating Modes: Do not spill water or other liquids in to or on to your unit.

STAGE SETTER User Instructions. Elation Professional – PDF

Information, specifications, diagrams, images, and instructions herein are subject to change without notice. You may also visit us on the web at for any comments or suggestions. Flash Scenes that only operates in 1×16 mode. Manula Wash LED If you wish to program less steps in to your program, you can exit the program mode manually y by tapping on the Blackout Button 15 once.


Here is scend link to the manual for the The scene will now be stored as a Master Scene into the Scene Y slider and will be ready for immediate use.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Tying in your audio and visual production, the scene setter synchronizes the music with your lights and fog machine while also allowing for individual adjustment to each of your lights with it’s 24 adjustable fade bars.

Scene Setter

CCI Solutions offers a wide variety of stage light controllers. All memory should now be cleared. In addition to manual fader control of twelve scenes, a master fader is provided. Move the desired Channel slider to its maximum position to trigger the program, and the program will fade in depending upon current fade time.