This is a text and translation of the Old Norse poem Hávamál, the Sayings of that in Anthony Faulkes put together a glossary and index to Hávamál as. The Havamal known as “The Words of Odin” is a poem from the Poetic Edda. A collection of wisdom that details Odin’s own experiences and advice. Sam Flegal is raising funds for Fateful Signs: The Illustrated Havamal on Kickstarter! A meditation on the wisdom of the ancient Norse text, “The.

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I know that I hung on a windy tree nine long nights, wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin, myself to myself, on that tree of which no man knows from where its roots run. He must rise early, the one who wants to have another’s wealth or life; seldom does a lying wolf get a ham or a sleeping man victory. A man does not bear a better burden on the road than is great commonsense; it seems a greater wealth in an unknown place — such is the refuge of the needy.

Do you know how you must colour?

A greedy man, unless he knows his mind, often causes his life’s sorrow by eating; often the stomach gains ridicule, when he comes among wise men, for the foolish man. With many words I spoke to my own advantage in Suttungr’s hall. It deceives the heart of the wise.

On the other hand, this might be Othinn congratulating himself for the carefully deceitful behaviour the “well-purchased appearance”? Stanzas 6 and 27 are expanded beyond the standard four lines by an additional two lines of “commentary”.

A son is better, though he be late-begotten, after a man is gone; memorial stones seldom stand by the road unless a kinsman should raise [them] to kin. Once things felt right, I approached the ink hava,al, and with the text in mind began to find shapes and forms within the randomness.

Greetings to the hosts, a guest is come. Doubtful it is to me that I could have come again out of the giant’s court, if I had not enjoyed Gunnloth, the good woman, over whom I laid my arm.

It is better that it be not invoked than over-sacrificed, the gift is always for the repayment, it is better that it be not sent than over-immolated. The unwise man thinks them all to be his friends, those who laugh at him; then he finds when he comes to the Thing assembly that he has few supporters. I thought myself rich when I found another, man is man’s entertainment.


A ruler’s son must be silent and thoughtful and brave in battle; each man must be happy and cheerful until he suffers death. Do you know how you must sacrifice? In order to harness inspiration, I started with random ink blobs, and then meditated on the text. Converted into modern English word-order, this would read: It is time to recite from the sage’s throne at Urthr’s havamap I saw and stayed silent, I saw and reflected, I listened to javamal speech of men, I heard and learned about runes, nor were they silent in counsels at Har’s hall, in Har’s hall, thus I heard it said Bede explains that in his case, the effect was caused by Imma’s brother Tunna, an abbot who thought that Imma was dead and was offering Masses for the repose of his soul.

I know the fourth: It is a compromise between helping the student of the original and producing a readable translation.

He is called the heron of forgetfulness, he who hovers over ale-parties; he steals the disposition of men. Lines in italics in the text and translation are repeated from earlier verses. In stanzas andOdin describes his sacrifice of himself to himself:.

Stanzas 65, 73—74, 79,—, are defective. He does not know, he who knows nothing: If you are viewing this page on a Macintosh, the non-modern English characters will probably not appear correctly: He is blessed who has within himself praise and esteem; it is harder to deal with that which a man must own in the breast of another.

To what extent this parallelism is an incidental similarity of the mode of human sacrifice offered to Odin and the crucifixion, and to what extent a Pagan influence on Christianity, or vice versa, may have occurred, is a complex question on which scholarly opinions vary. On the other hand he doesn’t know what he ought to know, that he is not lacking in faults. Everything happens at once if he gets a drink: I know a second which the sons of men need, those who want to live as physicians.

He seems wise, the guest who takes flight from the mocking guest; he does not know for certain, he who mocks over a meal, whether he talks loudly among enemies. There is need of water, for the one who comes for a meal, of towel and friendly intonation; of good disposition, if he can get it, of speech and silence in return.

I sought the old giant, now I have come back again. A guest has come; Where shall the stranger sit?

Hávamál – Wikipedia

You can find runes and meaning staves, very mighty staves, very strong staves, which a mighty sage coloured and mighty powers made, and Hroptr of the gods carved. He must rise early, the one who has few workers, and go to visit his work; much will delay the one who sleeps through the morning; wealth is half in the hands of the active.


Stanzas 1 through 79 comprise a set of maxims for how to handle oneself when a guest and traveling, focusing particularly on manners and other behavioral relationships between hosts and guests and the sacred ek of reciprocity and hospitality to the Norse pagans.

I know that I hung upon a windy tree for nine whole nights, wounded hvaamal a spear and given to Othinn, myself to myself for me; on that tree I knew nothing of what kind of roots it came from. All the entrances, before you walk forward, you should look at, you should spy out; for you can’t know for certain where enemies are sitting, ahead in the hall [3].

Each print will be signed and numbered by artist Sam Flegal.

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A man does not bear a better burden on the road than is great commonsense; he does not carry a worse journey-provision in the open field than is the over-drinking of ale. The songs I know that king’s wives know not Nor men that are sons of men. Know, if you have a friend in whom you have faith, and you wish to get something good from him, you must share with his mind and exchange gifts, and go often to seek him out.

This sometimes produces a more stilted English word-order, but I hope it will help those interested in but with no knowledge of Old Norse to puzzle out the meaning of the original.

I got drunk, really drunk, havzmal Fjalarr the Wise’s; it is the best ale-feast when each man recovers his disposition. The unwise man thinks them all to be his friends, those who laugh at him; he does not notice even if they express malice against him when he sits among wise men.

The day must be praised in the evening, a woman, when she is cremated, a sword, when it is proven, haamal maiden, when she is given away, ice, when it is crossed, ale, when it is drunk.