EGPH is the airport code for Edinburgh Airport. ✈ Click here to Standard Departure Chart – Instrument (SID) – ICAO Dean Cross/Turnberry (Jet aircraft only ). Notice: After Z this chart should not be used without first checking JeppView or NOTAMs. EGPH/EDI EDINBURGH TAXI PROCEDURES To. Procedures. Aerodrome Chart · Aircraft Ground Movement/Parking/Docking Chart · Control Zone and Control Area Chart – Entry/Exit LANES and VRPS.

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Descend in holding if necessary. Flights inbound to Edinburgh from the FIR must observe the normal procedure for joining controlled airspace.

Whenever possible, cockpit checks should be completed prior to line-up and any checks requiring completion whilst on the RWY should be kept to the minimum required. On receipt of descent clearance descend at the rate best suited to a continuous descent so as to join the GS at the appropriate height for the distance without recourse to level flight.

ATC may request specific speeds for accurate spacing: ACFT will be radar vectored either from the holding facility or following transfer of control to Edinburgh Approach. Pilots should ensure that they are able to commence the take-off roll as soon as clearance is issued.

Climb straight ahead to UW or ‘, whichever is earlier, before setting course. The system is only for use in the event of the emergency where it is imperative to fgph an aircraft rapidly. Noise preferential routes terminate at ‘.

Radar ranges will be provided at 12 NM outbound and 9 NM inbound. PDF example of Location of register of debenture holders. Noise preferential route terminates at ‘. GPWS warnings are possible on intermediate apch from the South.


Direct routings etc offered by ATC should only be flown after completion of noise preferential routes, unless a mandatory instruction is given or an emergency situation prevails. SIDs include noise preTrans level: Initial climb straight ahead to ‘.

SIDs include noise preApt Elev ferential routes. Harry Egpu and the Incidental Acquisition of Vocabulary.

Further distance information will be given between descent clearance and the intercept heading to the ILS Localizer.

Information transferred from If unable to comply advise ATC before departure. A marshalling service will be provided in the following circumstances: Lctr to MAP 1.

Radar EG R ‘ 2. Continue visually or by means of an appropriate final approach aid. Climb straight ahead, at ‘ or IVG 0. Religious Studies Seminar Series Marshaller assistance is required for all inbound operations. GENERAL The following procedures are ccharts be strictly adhered to, but may at any time be departed from to the extent necessary for avoiding immediate danger.

GPWS warnings are possible on intermediate apchs from the South.

– Airport Charts for Flight Simulator Pilots

Engine runs up to an engine ground run may be carried out in Block 14 under exceptional circumstances when the traffic level permits. EGPH 25 charts advertisement.

Special Aircrew and Acft Certification Required. On some stands however, more than one STOP arrow is provided for use by specific aircraft. GPWS warnings are possible on intermediate apch to rwy 06 from the South. At all times, pilots are responsible for their wing-tip hcarts and, if in any doubt, should stop, hold position and request chart assistance. Due to high ground south-east of the APT, descent below ‘ will be in accordance with chart Edinburgh Ground painted STOP arrows provide a safe stopping position for all aircraft types likely to use a stand and are normally painted on the port side of the stand centerline.


Notes transferred to P pages. The system is aligned for interpretation from the left hand cockpit seat and does not provide stopping guidance to aircraft. On most stands, all aircraft are able to use a common STOP mark. MDA H ‘ ‘.

If not possible proceed to UW Lctr at ‘ or at last assigned level if higher. Pilots will be informed via RTF when these procedures are in operation.

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All routings must be strictly adhered to. Birds in vicinity of APT. CL required below m; approved guidance system required below m. High terrain Southeast of APT.

Edinburgh Airport

Lctr to MAP 3. SEG is not installed on either the business chatts apron, the overspill parking apron on Block 30 or the helicopter parking stands on Block Values statement Edinburgh Napier University.

Max Kts Descent Gradient 5. APU must be shutdown promptly, as soon as alternate power is available on stand. By ATC Trans alt: It does not form part of the normal guidance equipment for aircraft parking.

Aircrews must ensure that they are familiar with the operation of the SEG systems at the airport.