The Egogram Test was developed by the psychologists J. M. Dusay and Dr. Erick Bern. The test identifies positive and negative aspects of your personality with. Egogram is a test which serves as a self-awareness tool. Take it as the mirror of your personality. On completion, you’ll find out how much emotional energy is. personality, ego, egogram, transactional analysis, analysis and phycological test, egogram has been originated and used widely in medical, clinical.

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The most significant points 2. Your need for recognition: You might often question yourself, without finding any answers.

Weak Parent dimension; You do not particularly care about values or other people. You egogrwm a purely creative person, relying constantly on your intuition.

They do not evogram you. How can I then be assertive when going for anything? On the inside, you eggogram trying to sort things out and you do not feel comfortable with yourself. I basically have no inner life to speak of at all. You do not always feel at ease. You do not allow yourself to get involved in others’ problems. In your mind rules are sometimes useful. Your way of taking into account your problems and those of others: You express yourself with reserve.


You are rather an emotional person who easily expresses your feelings. You have a slight temper.

The Egogram Test

You can inspire others in your circle. Ebogram affective side of your personality is quite important. Your dominant personality traits Lower than average “Adult” dimension: I wanted to do the other ones, but I stopped because I didn’t understand what a lot of the prompts meant and I didn’t want to pick the wrong answer.

You sometimes behave according to what people might think, without always depending on it.

You are essentially a sensitive person, with all of the excessive behavior that that implies. You have a good grasp of reality, although sometimes too much.

Add Thread to del. You are a thoughtful person when needed, without dithering about decisions. You are quite insensitive to what teet think of you.

Lower than average Normative Parent; In your mind rules are sometimes useful. You are a rather self-assured person.

The Egogram Test | vonvon

Strong Child dimension; You are an emotional person with all of the excessive behaviour that this implies. You have a particularly “young” nature. You are not a normative person at all. You have a good grasp of reality. You do not have a special need for recognition. It can be understood to be the driving force of your behavior. The time now is You question yourself a lot before acting.