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HHO woes Mike Thanks a lot efiee your post. Leave egie unplugged for 10 minutes. When reading the computer’s input voltage you would then see a constantly changing voltage in the range of.

It possibly could be used to control the vehicle’s computer, and make the engine burn a little leaner, and this could possibly give a small increase in gas mileage. Therefore the output of the regulator will be Another tuner has found that his 90 Ford pickup needed higher voltages than described here – see his forum post.

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But your D17 Efoe problems are probably due to the fact that the original design has only a few discreet values that you can use for your comparative voltage. The ECU has its senses as well: Cost may vary, but we expect significant reduction in installation and tuning time.

Most of the modern MAF sensors have a ground, battery voltage input, and frequency based output. Chief amongst these are:. It was designed to complement, and in some cases make possible, increased gas mileage using other fuel efficiency devices.

I was hoping to just be able to build one for myself.

The EFIE solves this by adjusting the signal to the computer so the computer is happy with the etie it’s getting and it’s making the correct adjustments for the various conditions of the engine. The one drawback to this one is that you can only adjust the threshold by 50 millivolts at a time.

  ISO 19794-5 PDF


Once you deviate from that basic recipe, the ECU is no longer able to deliver optimal results. If you increased the power and vacuum, adjust again by about 2 degrees. I do know how to follow a schematic and build something from that.

When these proportions are efif supplied to the engine, a certain amount of oxygen will be detected in the exhaust by the O2 sensor, and this information is fed into the vehicle’s computer.

It then reverts to Look-Up tables for its source of information. It’s the same design as the previous board, but uses surface mount parts which allows the board to be smaller. That’s actually not accurate. It has a 5 volt VREF, ground, and frequency signal output.

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The only measurement you need to take is between the 2 test ports, so you can see what voltage offset the EFIE is producing. If it is a device you have built from plans, perhaps from the internet, again, follow the instructions implicitly.

You can use the following procedure to narrow down which wire is which:. A higher VREF will retard timing. Ok, so if you’ve gotten through the warning section and are still ready to go, here’s how it’s done:.

Regardless, all of these upstream sensors must be treated. Wide bands will have 5 wires. Repeat the previous step 10 times. Adjustments to the trim screw can change the EFIE’s voltage correction by tiny amounts; a millivolt or 2 0. Both of these product lines will incorporate the same circuit board as our Deluxe models. But it would slowly drain your battery. The EFIE has been reported to work with 5-wire wide band sensors.


Water4Gas Interactive Troubleshooter

If you’re setting the EFIE above millivolts you’re starting to get pretty high. You can probably redesign D17 to efue a voltage reference ship, a pot and voltage divider instead of the bargraph chip and switch, and achieve the same result.

We don’t want to modify this data until the sensor is operating correctly. It’s purpose is to make it possible for other fuel efficiency devices to work. High signal voltage, high fuel requirements.

But this is not what it was designed to do. The upstream sensors are the ones telling the computer what it needs to know about the combustion mix. Often times addressing only a few of the ECU’s inputs will allow you to tune for a mileage gain, only to have the adaptive memory take it away as time goes on.

First of all, when I built one of those a few years ago, I used all 10 outputs from the bargraph, and then was able to make smaller increments between switch positions.

This includes virtually all cars and trucks today. You will now need to adjust your EFIE. Look at it this way, low signal voltage, low fuel requirements. A common cause of vehicles fighting mileage gains is a hidden problem with the vehicle itself. Use both jumpers in New England for instance where it is too cold for human habitation from November to March each year.

The one wide band that I modified used the blue wire for the signal.