2 Heavy Concerns about ECE-R 64 with TPMS –The ECE R64 is about temporary use spare wheels / tires. It is not made to specify TPMS. –There are two. R Temporary use spare unit, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre http:// ECE R Supplement 2 Temporary use spare wheels/tyres, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre pressure monitoring system.

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In there were Why are tire pressure monitoring systems so valuable for motorists? The Administrative Department shall verify the existence of satisfactory arrangements for ensuring effective control of the conformity of production before type approval is granted.

Vehicle features which significantly influence the performances of the tyre pressure monitoring system; 2. The approval mark shall be placed close to or on the vehicle data plate affixed by the manufacturer. Some customers wish to have the tyre pressure value indicated on the dashboard or that tyre pressure monitoring is effected by the system even when the vehicle is stationary, neither of which comfort features is fulfilled by an indirect system.

Confirm the activation of the warning signal.

Lower case text shall at least have a line height of 5mm. All text shall be enclosed in a border and be on a background of contrasting colour.


The test requirement is satisfied if the system delivers an alert by the time the pressure drop has reached kPa. However, in the case where there is no possibility to set or reset the system, the vehicle shall be unladen.

Once the tyre has been changed, the correct air pressure must be set as well as Warnair put into the learning phase. If the system is blocked by external influence e. Specifications and Tests 6.

Frequently asked questions about DUNLOP TECH Warnair

The tell-tale must illuminate and remain illuminated as long as the ignition locking system is in the “On” “Run” position. The stopping distance achieved using a maximum force of N applied to the foot control, shall not exceed The road surface shall be dry during testing.

Production Definitely Discontinued Deflate one of the vehicle’s tyres within 5min of measuring the warm pressure as described in Paragraph 2. What must be considered when changing a tyre? Application for Approval 4. With the vehicle stationary and the ignition start switch in the “Lock” or “Off” position, turn the ignition start switch to the “On” “Run” position or, where applicable, the appropriate key position.

With the vehicle in the normal use condition, simulate a Run-Flat Warning System failure.

DUNLOP TECH |Tire pressure warning system -> Frequently asked questions

Precise definitions of these features may be found in Regulation No. Annex 2 to this Regulation gives examples of approval marks. If the warning does cee activate the test has failed. If ecs warning performance of indirect measuring systems is as good as that of those measuring directly, and so at incomparably more favourable prices, why are the expensive direct measuring systems still on the market?


The normal frequency of these verifications shall be at least once per year. A dash and the approval number to the right of the markings prescribed in Paragraphs 4. Tell me more Go straight to site.

Tests shall be carried out for each of the fitting conditions of temporary-use spare units specified in Paragraph 2. A retrofit installation into a vehicle is not yet possible. No, it only requires the existence of a suitable system.

If the warning signal as required in Paragraph 2. For a Type 4 temporary-use spare unit as defined in Paragraph 2.

In many cases it is a standard component of the vehicle equipment, albeit sometimes for a small additional charge.