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He’s not a purebred. Just a beautiful book.

Duncton Wood – Wikipedia

I also disliked greatly the descriptions of mating – these were far too sensual for what is, in essence, a book about animal however human they may act at dunncton. And I am happy to say that it has held up. I have read it many times and I never tire of it. Returning to the Stone does not answer these questions, because life is not a series of questions and answers, and in that there is a powerful resonance with our human condition.

Is there a unity to all life or are we eternally separate wandering stars? Duncton Wood is my favourite book.

The Duncton Chronicles

I used to be one of those people. The moles are more like little serfs and monks and healers whose personalities are often generalities in my opinion. View all 3 comments.

Duncton Wood This is a long book dunctton over words in length and takes some reading, especially as it is only the first part of a trilogy. And for the record I didn’t get on with Watership Down. Yet, in spite of my complaints, I repeat, this isn’t a bad book.

The rabbits seem like rabbits with perils and personalities that are well-explained and understood. Many of the animals speak, etc, and the novel, while not as pastoral and idyllic as Duncton, is a quiet classic all on its own. However, I guess the originality comes out in how you produce your writings, and if you let your own personality and style dictate your work as opposed to chrobicles copying something else.

Well, it allows the author to do things that otherwise would not be ducnton, and Horwood takes full advantage. Oct 18, Roz Bennetts rated it it was amazing. Through ancient tradition there are words that surround the Stone, but like all articulations of belief they partly communicate but also partly conceal.


I like Duncton Wood for its tale s of love and redemption. Perhaps I’m not anymore. Ken from Perth Western Australia A book for all ages I’m 78 and having started reading it, have only been able to put it down in order to write this report. Justin from Chrohicles I think Duncton Wood may chroniclrs have the reach or readership that many of the “Animals-as-Characters” stories have enjoyed because, to my knowledge, it never Mass-market dropped in the U.

I’m on the 4th book now so I’m very used to the molespeak – I am almost confused now Paperbackpages. Duncton Found The Duncton Chronicles: This is another key theme of the story — how time chroniicles myths.

Horwood is also a multisensory writer, especially talking of scents, echoes and over all atmosphere and tone in a quite frank yet distinctly poetic way which is neither over inflated nor too brief. The chrinicles continues with Duncton Rising and Duncton Stone Then at the end, it almost feels like he said “Oh, yeah.

However, he dincton a weakness and that is that he hates all religion and actually goes out of his way to basically destroy all aspects of it.

I ill be reading the whole series all over again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Euncton characters vividly imagined and clearly known intimately by the author, and in the end by the determined reader.

Why isn’t this book more well-known!?

Duncton Wood by William Horwood book review

I must admit I am facing quite a struggle in trying to write this review. Even then, as time starts to intervene, the past does become more and more of a distant memory, though we are much more able to record those memories than the past. Every sentence is heart taking, so true and real is the world of mole life created by Hardwood to the reader. I sort of wish I had read this when I was 11 – I think I would have liked it a lot.

Review of the Duncton Chronicles by William Horwood

About 20 years later I discovered a copy of Duncton Wood at a book sale and re-read it Again, I sobbed and laughed and loved this story. I’ve been reading this book slowly — a few pages at a time — for the last chronicpes years. Some people, I am sure, found this quite endearing.


It was one of my first introductions to the magic of real faith, faith that surpasses words and doubts and restrictions, faith that transcends and makes transcendent. It is this capacity to love that brings us the story of Bracken and Rebecca, two moles who grow up in the Chronivles Wood system.

I would rate the books up there with Lord of the rings, Dune, the dark materials trilogy and watership down. Duncton Wood is a truly breathtaking and enchanting read that reminds us how savage yet full of love.

It was republished in as City of Dark Hearts chrinicles some significant revisions and cuts under the pen name James Conan. The person laughed or they didn’t, insisting it’s funny won’t change that. The moles are given human elements speech and faith for example and this makes them easily identifiable to the reader.

But a lot is said of that in the other reviews, so let me get to what fourteen year old me liked, and that is really intelligent action and dhronicles that doesn’t shy into “Young Adult” or what passed for it at the time dunchon by skimping on the intrigue or the bloodied carcasses of the dead!

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In the midst of these events is the birth and martyrdom of the Stone Mole, a focal messianic Christ figure named Beechen.

I find Bracken a bit wishy-washy and whiny to start, and then slightly dense in the middle, and then hard to idenitfy with at the end. As near to perfection as any author ever got in my opinion.