Mirion offers a wide range of detectors with low or medium resolution. While not as high in peak resolution performance as HPGe detectors, this family can be. détecteur à scintillation, m. détecteur de rayonnement constitué d’un scintillateur en liaison optique avec un dispositif photosensible (par exemple un ou. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Transformation du spectre obtenu par un détecteur a scintillation NaI(Tl) en distribution en énergie des photons détectés.

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ecintillation Country of ref document: CN CNA zh Country of ref document: Kind code of ref document: Edge-on sar scintillator devices and systems for enhanced spect, pet, and compton gamma cameras. Pulse shape discrimination method and apparatus for high-sensitivity radioisotope identification with an integrated neutron-gamma radiation detector.

CorpusUL: Caractérisation et optimisation d’un détecteur à scintillation à 2 points

Depth of interaction detector block for high resolution positron emission tomography. EP Kind code of ref document: Novel scintillation detector array and associate signal processing method for gamma ray detection with encoding the energy, position, and time coordinaties of the dtecteyr.


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Gamma ray detector for positron emission tomography pet and single photon emisson computed tomography spect. Portable gamma spectrometry with cerium-doped lanthanum bromide scintillators: Apparatuses and methods for detecting, identifying and quantitating radioactive nuclei and methods of distinguishing neutron stimulation of a radiation particle detector from gamma-ray stimulation of a detector.


Caractérisation et optimisation d’un détecteur à scintillation à 2 points

Radiation detector, method of manufacturing radiation detector, and radiographic image capturing apparatus incorporating radiation detector. New information on the characteristics of 1 in. Experimental tests of the new plastic scintillator with pulse shape discrimination capabilities EJ EP Kind code of ref document: Kind code of ref document: