This rulebook introduces not just a new world but the first comprehensive d20 Built on the foundation of a traditional fantasy campaign, DragonMech is easy to . DragonMech is a medieval fantasy campaign setting unlike any other. It is a world destroyed by DragonMech rulebook. Shardsfall Quest (level 1 adventure ). This rulebook introduces not just a new world but the first Survival in DragonMech requires a hard metal shell powered by a loud engine.

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DragonMech (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

In the background of the artwork near the topthere is a mech fighting off a giant worm. Whereas this is certainly impressive, it may take time for players and GMs to adjust and finally conceptualize this kind of campaign.

Classes are a different story. Second, one dwarf mechanic from an ancient guild of mechanics introduces something long-lost to the world: Clerics and Paladins find that they occasionally simply don’t receive the magic usually granted by their hosts, as the gods are weakened or at least kept busy by the war. The art is magnificent.

Unlike some mecha in other campaigns, the mecha here are unique constructs. I’ll explain why in my review below. My favorite beast here is the lunar dragon, a creature who as a wyrmling rates a CR of 5 and as a grey wyrm comes in at a CR of This reminds me a bit of the old Robotech cartoon where the main hero is enjoying a field of flowers, or the savage world of Fist of the North Star where growing your own food is considered a major achievement.

Civilizations crumble as untold numbers of lives are lost in the nightly lunar rains, showers of boulders raining down on the land like some unholy siege. I couldn’t imagine a better choice for the artist, and I love that Goodman went with one artist for the whole book. The writing is crips and easy on the eyes.


DragonMech (PDF version) | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

So in this brave new world, the standard classes look for new roles to fill even as the author crafts new classes to take advantage of the circumstances.

The chapter ends with skills, feats, spells, steam powers, and a re-envision of religion appropriate to a steam and mech-type campaign.

I went over the book several times, critically examining the rules and the backdrop and still have yet to fully get my mind around it. Conclusions I took in DragonMech with a mixture of bewilderment and awe. The dgagonmech chunks of rock that bombarded the earth destroyed all the traditional cities, forcing the population to go underground and seek solace.

Some of the smaller ones like the barbagula, a humanoid mech with an oversized lance, runs for a moderate 3, gold pieces while the steam powered Scorpion, a Colossal II sized mech, runs for 15, gold pieces.

For instance, there are some are powered by clockwork technology while others are powered by steam and magic, while others are horrible necromantic creations, fused from the dead. Humanity is now taking a cautious yet hopeful approach to starting to repopulate.

The good news is that details are included that range from labor and material cost, to what the skill DC is to successfully create deagonmech. No more or less than you would expect. The surface dwelling races fled to the “underdeep” inhabited by the dwarves at the time. Whereas I did like the post apocalyptic theme, the world was so complicated, especially when one considers that the players and GM are already being asked to conceptualize some of the other issues like mechs and steam technology.

This includes game stats like hit dice, speed, armor class, and other stats, to unique draonmech like power sources, steam, man, clockwork, animated, and undead. There is a quick gazeteer of Highpoint accompanied with a map of the landmass. Page numbers are located at the top outer edge with the chapter number next to it. There are also a variety of prestige classes that fill specialized roles or mix class abilities.


But the mechs are certainly there, tempting players and GMs alike. This book serves two purposes.

DragonMech PDF

For example, instead of a ranger, we have a clockwork ranger who fights in the gear forests of his city mech. Honestly, the campaign setting did not overly thrill me. Ruoebook is a two spread drafonmech sheet and a two page index. A Deeper Look DragonMech takes an approach to setting design not unusual for d20 fantasy settings: This is a great concept but I felt that search times took a bit longer to stop – fortunately there are no duplicated search entries as the easy-print version does not present any entries.

And ravaged it truly is as huge lunar rocks rain from the sky flattening civilization everywhere.

However, they are not about to completely abandon their cavernous homes or their mobile mech-cities. Wars are fought as the dwarves bravely defend their underground cities and losses are great for all.

The mechs themselves are certainly the focal point of the book. The city mechs, in particular, are located in flatlands near the dwarven lands in which they were first forged. Mechs go through a variety of stages in their design. What the CR for a city sized mech? This is where it gets weird.

After an age of destruction, the Second Age of Walkers is now at hand. Yes, an entire city living in a mech.