Check out Dracula The Musical – The Studio Cast Recording by Frank Wildhorn & Jeremy Roberts on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and. Dracula, The Musical – Show synopsis – Shows D. the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker; Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton; Music by Frank Wildhorn. Dracula Version List 2 / 2 8/02PreludelJonathan’s Amval /02 Into Castle Dracula Wildhorn’s score for short-lived Broadway show Dracula the Musical.

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There’s Always A Tomorrow”. Photos have been posted at rolfbock. Seward calls upon the renowned vampire expert Abraham Van Helsing to help the weakened Wildhirn. Wolves howl, and Dracula departs.

He wrote the screenplays for the acclaimed films Dangerous Liaisonsfor which he won an Academy Award; Total Eclipsewhich he adapted from his own play; Mary Reillya twist on the tale of Jekyll and Hyde; and Carrington which he also directed. The hunters reach Dracula’s castle and the final showdown takes place.

Later, the men reach his coffin in the hull of a ship. Draula can find details in the Calender Section of this site. While the vampire hunters fight with an entire army of vampires, Mina now decides to follow her beloved Dracula into the darkness.

Van Helsing- is being killed by her former love interests, Quincey and Jack, in her tomb. Roseanne was killed by a vampire, hinted to have been Dracula, inspiring Van Helsing to become a vampire hunter in her honor “Roseanne”.

The next morning Lucy attacks Holmwood, her teeth now long and sharp. The show played a first season of performances from 23 April through 29 Juneand a second season from 13 September through 2 January The Heart is Slow to Learn.


She reveals Dracula is hidden in a coffin in the hull of a ship, before becoming completely engulfed by Dracula’s mind. You can find more information and request a license on the Wildhoorn website. A terrifying and passionate new musical based on the world famous novel by Bram Stoker. When the vampire begins to drink her blood Mina, who had followed Lucy, appears.

Dracula, The Musical – Wildhorn – The Guide to Musical Theatre

Resurrection Dracula 2: Dracula, standing in the doorway, welcomes Jonathan and introduces himself as Count Dracula. That night, Dracula bites Lucy as she sleepwalks. Alone in his room, Jonathan composes a letter to Mina, who herself remembers how they met.

With tears running down her eyes, she fulfils her lover’s last wish. As Jonathan looks for cards, Dracula emerges from behind a curtain. The next morning, Lucy is alone and peaceful-looking as she sleeps.

Dracula, The Musical

Dracula all but materializes, and picks up an envelope on the desk, speculating that it must be for Mina wildhonr promising to have it mailed immediately. The Path of the Dragon Dracula: Jonathan Harkera young lawyer from England, travels to Transylvania in order to fix a deal with the elderly Count Draculawho wants to buy a home in London Prologue. Lucy dies, leaving Holmwood confused and heartbroken.

A new German translation was provided by Herwig Thelen. His first musical was a collaboration with John Barry titled Billy. When Van Helsing asks if he and Renfield had met somewhere before the madman eerily replies that he knows what happened to Van Helsing’s wife. Novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Stirred by emotions he has not felt in centuries, Dracula follows Mina to the train station and, from afar, voices his desire to be with her.


Wildhornn Helsing thinks that Lucy has been stealing children, but when they went to her vault, they discovered her body was missing.

Castle Portcullis Gate Drop. Jack and Van Helsing arrive and tell the other two that Renfield is dead.

Dracula, the Musical – Wikipedia

The other mourners are sad that Lucy died so young. Mina decides that they must leave for London the next day; she got a telegram stating that Jonathan is sick and in a convent hospital in Budapest, and she wants to go to him. Van Helsing comforts the despairing man, while explaining the nature of the vampire “Nosferatu”.

Stagecraft experts will love bringing the undead to life in this haunting musical of unrequited love. Meanwhile, Mina tells Van Helsing that Quincey is dead, and they enter the castle.

Musicals by Frank Wildhorn. Views Read Edit View history. Mina makes each man, even Harker, promise to kill her if it seems her soul is beyond saving “Jonathan’s Promise”.

Feeling that Mina has eluded him, a frustrated Dracula appears before Lucy at her reception, causing her to faint.