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Evildoers, in the end, do not sit at table at the eternal banquet beside their victims without distinction, as though nothing had happened. Tutti si credono Sherlok Holmes. And yet, there is something milder, more soothing in the Brothers Karamazov, there is mature perfection in this novel.

We all know what we should do and, sometimes, we simply cannot do it. Actually, Someone, I’m quite cautious about bratiz number of stars I award. Like Shakespeare, Dostoevsky gives his characters all the space to talk like gods, clearing pages upon pages for their reasoning and dialog.

So what kind of personalized, kitschy, life changing moment are you gonna compare this book to? Where are characters like these in contemporary fiction? Dmitri is brought into contact with his family when he finds himself in need of his inheritance, which he believes is being withheld by his father. Dostojevskkj Novels And Their Authors. The third brother is Alexei called Alyosha by most — a quiet, gentle but not meek!! Only the youngest brother, little Alyosha, portrays the simplicity and humility of the best of Russian Orthodox spirituality from Doestoevsky’s point of viewand it is this that answers the question posed by Gogol in Dead Souls when he asks where the galloping Troika is heading to.


It took me about three months to read carefully, though my reading has been flagging lately, as well.

Utkarsh Detha While it is true that Smerdyakov chose wrong means and lacked the virtues one is expected to have courage, honesty etc. I cannot justify everything but we are humans. One after another, all the members of the Karamazov karamazovvci succumb to temptation and become plagued by doubt.

The Brothers Karamazov – Wikipedia

Three brothers, The Brothers Karamazov, each standing in for the profoundness that is the human condition: And more important, they make us forget to feel love. Zosima’s teachings shape the way Alyosha deals with the young boys he meets in the Ilyusha storyline. This idea is not yet resolved in your heart and torments it. Look, fucktard, usually I’d be happy to be the idol in any person’s religion, but I’ve learned that it’s just too much pressure.

The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

View all 33 comments. Dostoevsky composed the book with a variety of literary techniques. See all 38 questions about The Brothers Karamazov…. This technique enhances the theme of truth, making many aspects of the tale completely subjective.

His faith doztojevskij in contrast to his brother Ivan’s atheism. There is just so much in this novel to love. Several plot digressions provide insight into other apparently minor characters. At different points along the way, you will identify with them, sympathize with them, curse them, agonize over them, celebrate them.

After Fyodor is murdered It was similar to waiting around for someone to kill J. You give everything five stars, do you not?

Aye, aye, I hear you, D and while some of it makes so much sense to my theist heart, some of it look outright suicidal. And avoid fear, though fear is simply the consequence of every lie. Before you know it you’ll be a priest or something. But there were Bibles everywhere. Caccia i tremila rubli o succede un bordello. The House of the Deada fictional account of prison life, The Insulted and Injuredwhich reflects the author’s refutation of naive Utopianism in the face of evil, and Winter Notes on Summer Impressionshis account of a trip to Western Europe.


We took from him Rome and the sword of Caesar, and proclaimed ourselves sole rulers of the earth It remained so when I talked to him inand probably until the end of his life. Il sangue dei Karamazov porta sfiga. The narrator notes that as a child, Smerdyakov collected stray cats to hang and bury them. Do allow some blood to trickle. It is only human to strive for salvation. We all have the sounds of a hungry solitude echoing in the dark depths of our beings; they often make us act by instinct, forgetting that we have been blessed—or doomed—with reason.

The second time I identified more with the rational spirit of Ivan. We shall triumph and shall be Caesars, and then we shall plan the universal happiness of man. Kafka called himself and Dostoevsky “blood relatives”, perhaps because of Dostoevsky’s existential motifs.

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You have to get accustomed to the idea that your soul might absorb the sorrowful and sometimes playful beauty of his writing. Franz Kafka is another writer who felt immensely indebted to Dostojevskik and The Brothers Karamazov for influencing his own work.

But still, I wasn’t quite joking either So intellectual, cerebral and logical, yet passionate and moral.