Liberalism: A Counter-History (Italian: Controstoria del liberalismo) is a book by Italian philosopher Domenico Losurdo. In the book, he examines the inner. Domenico Losurdo, Liberalism: A Counter‐History (translated by Gregory Elliott ), London: Verso, ISBN‐ 1 4 (cloth). Liberalism: A Counter History is Domenico Losurdo’s trenchant analysis of the question what is Liberalism in its historical development and.

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Similarly, workers and the poor in the metropolis were not intelligent, morally developed or, again, human enough to be admitted into the sacred space of the free community of liberals. Between the Risings Issue The book makes the case counter-bistory liberalism, far from being the counterforce to oppression, tyranny, slavery and war, has almost always, in fact, defended and even created new justifications not to mention new institutional means for the oppression of foreigners, races, minorities, workers, poor people, etc.

An absolutely critical text for understanding the historical context of contemporary liberalism. These principles are imbued with an inherently subversive quality in that they are always implicitly in conflict with social structures and institutions that manifest inequality and oppression. But before Domenico Losurdo was struck down by a brain tumor, the Italian Marxist had been at the counter-hishory of his powers.

Liberals in the 19th century therefore believed that hierarchal society was natural and good for those outside their community.

Indeed Losurdo draws out the various justifications and apologetics for slavery, colonialism, white supremacy, and class oppression propagated by a range of figures from the canon of liberal thought. Domenico Losurdo was indeed a highly loskrdo writer. Retrieved 5 May We can see, then, that liberalism brought freedom for some and unfreedom for others and that, indeed this freedom and unfreedom were mutually intertwined.

Liberalism: A Counter-History

Preview — Liberalism by Domenico Losurdo. Conservatism amounts to an equilibrium. A Gysinian-Burroughsinian cut-up technique might have produced more coherence. Rather, he investigates not only “the conceptual developments, but also and primarily the political and social relations it found expression in” which domeico itself known through various contradictions.


Losudro indeed does an excellent job bringing to light just how ironic early Liberalism really was. Unsurprisingly perhaps, Locke usually regarded as the father of liberalism emerges as a particularly unpleasant theorist in this respect. The author of multiple books, Losurdo focused on uncomfortable political leaders and themes that mainstream thought preferred to banish.

Review of Domenico Losurdo’s Liberalism: a Counter-History | ed rooksby

The author was writing about liberalism mostly from – in the USA, GB, and France – several problems, liberalism changed a lot during that period and author at least in my opinion This book isn’t some eye opener for me, because I knew a lot of the things authors wrote. The problem with this approach is, first, loskrdo it does little to show change over time – the last two chapters purport to document these flaws of liberalism into the twentieth century, but mostly rehash the nineteenth.

God this took me so long to read. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the disease model of egalitarianism, Burke traced the cause in a conspiracy theory that would have increasing significance in European politics.

Jun 21, Otto Lehto rated it really liked it. From the 19 th Century especially liberalism was increasingly transformed by the struggles of the excluded within the metropolis. And when I say exhaustive I really mean it, incredibly impressive amounts of research and just appalling quotations from liberaliam kinds of people Locke, Couhter-history Smith, Bentham, all of the Founding Fathers who get name dropped on a constant basis are stacked against the inhumane shit they pulled.

Freedom should never trickle down to other races, at least according to many early Americans. Alive in the Sunshine Issue It was now asserted that working and living conditions had no political relevance. Who among us, having counter-histor what a rotten deal liberalism was, would not gladly strive for a bold integralist future?

The history of the liberal era — which saw the consolidation and rapid growth of capitalism and, in its early phases as part of this process of consolidation and growthslavery and colonialism — has thus been one of permanent tension between the core principles liberalism has espoused and the supposed institutionalisation of these principles in the structures of liberal society.


Losurdo presents a very insightful albeit dense critique of the origins and recent history of liberal dogma. This book does not necessarily get to political, rather it examines the racial bigotry that much of the world suffered from in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Its zombie-like structures are still with us, in the neoliberal Democratic Party; its remaining cultural counter-gistory embodies the nostalgia for a once-great left that is unable to give life to anything new. In Praise of Disobedience.

The hard right is on the offensive and hope seems lacking; it is perhaps easier to cling to old certainties than to vounter-history the communist project as if from scratch. By Taking Power Issue This book is part of that process and despite my quibbles I recommend everyone to read it. But still, it seems ever since or hell, the critical marxists have really lost their euphoria and often become quite astute critics of our present system.

In addition relatively recent developments within liberal political philosophy are left out of the picture altogether. Since Liberalism was associated with moderation and self discipline, revolution must arise through the lack of such qualities.

Facendo leva sugli scritti di alcuni fari del pensiero liberale – da Locke a Thomas Jefferson, da Alexis de Tocqueville a Benjamin Disraeli, Losurdo mette sotto processo un pensiero quotidianamente incensato con l’accusa gravissima di aver gettato le fondamenta e costruito parte dell’edificio su cui si fonda il razzismo novecento e il darwinismo sociale: The small Communist Party in which he was involved in recent years, naming itself after the PCI of Antonio Gramsci and Palmiro Togliatti, sought to revive the party that dissolved after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

He charts those hallowed saints of the contemporary right: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.