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DoD M, “DoD Postal Manual,” Volume II, May , is hereby canceled. This Manual applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Mili-. Study Flashcards On DOD M POST OFFICE OPERATING PROCEDURES at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Study Flashcards On DOD M CHAPTER 15 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the .

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This equipment includes modern lighting, tentage, material handling equipment, automation, and communication equipment. Casualty mail processing requires special attention. The personnel group commander must coordinate mail transportation requirements with the corps transportation officer. The Federal Aviation Administration FAA often requires postal units to x-ray packages 45225.6-m to 5425.6-m retrograde mail onto commercial aircraft.

A postal operations platoon routes the mail to postal services 4525.6m which separate it by unit. Unit mail clerks do not require an F5 additional skill identifier, but they are required to carry a mail handler’s card and should be a 71L. The commander must decide from his situational analysis what postal unit structure will be necessary to support the operation and where to place the theater MMT. These units decontaminate the mail, if possible, and return it to the postal network.

The CINC may lift restrictions and permit parcels as the theater matures, more postal personnel become available, and the theater ground transportation and airlift are able rod handle the estimated increase in volume created when restrictions are lifted. The postal operations management network coordinates mail transportation requirements with transportation managers at each level of command.

Contamination may consist of nuclear, biological, or chemical agents. The following references address postal policy, procedures, and guidance throughout the postal operations system:. The unit redirect function involves redirecting bags, trays, or pallets of mail because of task organization changes, unit relocation, or 45525.6-m redeployment.

Units can coordinate with the services postal platoon leader to provide limited mobile postal finance services to units or teams not located near the postal platoon. Official mail is that addressed to military or other governmental cod. In spite of this, the Postal Service was Postal services platoons must have assured, real-time communications by both voice and data with the PSB, brigade S1s, postal company headquarters, postal operations platoons, corps personnel group, and transportation units.


Organic transportation assets within postal units used to move personnel 4525.6- equipment will not support mail movement.

They arrange onward movement of all mail pallets and containers pre-sorted by postal service platoon APO numbers and location. Postal service has played a vital role in morale support and national will efforts since the Civil War, and it is an important combat multiplier.

Assigned APO numbers for a unit remain constant throughout the operation. This interface will enable the personnel system to determine patient location and status within the corps medical system.

When a soldier or civilian is a dkd and the hospital is unknown, the postal services platoon labels the mail “hospital search” and returns it through postal channels to the designated postal operations platoon for redirect service. Company headquarters must have assured, real-time communications by both voice 4525.6-m data with postal platoons, the PSB, and the personnel group.

This does not necessarily occur automatically. The postal services platoons process and dispatch mail to unit mail clerks who deliver to addressees. After the mail arrives in the theater, further transportation becomes a lead corps responsibility. Postal units must coordinate with the local EOD unit for bomb support.

The postal operations platoon s location placement is key to the success of casualty redirect, missent, intra-theater and retrograde mail operations. Postal services platoons provide postal finance services to the extent possible consistent with the theater mail policy.

4525.6-n may need to provide detailed requests through the chain of command to the USPS to ensure receipt of all necessary equipment and supplies. These services include money order and stamp sales, accountable dkd services, and package mailing.

Postal units process and prepare mail for delivery, and the transporters deliver.

DoD M, Department of Defense Postal Manual,” 8/15/

It is still treated as personal mail. This applies to both inbound and outbound eod. The little information gleaned from the Southern press indicating no great obstacles to your progress. DoD Postal Manual It was SOP to require Postal to beg for the tools to work with which 4525.6-j have been provided automatically.


This chapter describes the mission and proponency of the postal operations management system, its postal network, doctrinal requirements, and standards of support. The personnel group commander coordinates mail transportation to the divisions and all nondivisional units in the area of operation. The Unified Commander is the coordination link between MPSA and the separate services and performs the following critical tasks:. Postal unit commanders must indoctrinate soldiers supervising host nation personnel in the customs, language, religion, and political conditions in the area of operations.

They must also be able to carry percent of the personnel, authorized 4525.6m- equipment, doe table of allowances CTA equipment, and USPS equipment to provide support in forward areas.

The postal operations management system processes official, personal, accountable and “any-soldier” mail.


Postal operations management includes all actions required to dispatch mail for movement from its point of origin to 45255.6-m ultimate destination and provide associated services. This unit holds the mail until it can confirm through the theater PERSCOM that the casualty area commander has notified the next of kin, then odd it to the sender. The units and agencies in the following paragraphs have critical roles during the various stages of the deployment, sustainment, and redeployment process in establishing postal support for deployed forces.

This allows for more efficient use of transportation and improves mail delivery time.

Department of Defense Postal Manual

The standard for a theater of operations is unrestricted mail service. Host nation support can be a critical element of the postal support structure.

Modern equipment used in civilian post offices must be provided to deploying military post offices and to the military postal school and units for training.