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Based on the findings then, it is possible to suppose that during the basal sound the Passavant ridge and the posterior pharyngeal wall make up for the fact that the patients with palatine fissure have reduced soft palate movement1, increasing VPS closure 8,12, through these two structures. Patients with palatine fissure have inadequate velopharyngeal closure VPCwith consequent vocal hypernasality which can be reduced by a basal tone.

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Cleft palate repair: velopharyngeal closure before and during the basal tone

A clarification of the surgical goals in cleft palate speech and the introduction of the lateral port control l. Evidence in infants with cleft palate that breast milk protects against otitis media. We vellofaringea it to join one with the contralateral side and thus establish an arrangement between them that is as similar as possible to normal anatomy.

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Posterior pharyngeal flap and sphincter pharyngoplasty: In these cases, the velum is, to a greater or lesser degree, shortened, atrophic and its muscular fibers are displaced from their normal insertion site, and are incapable of moving in order to contact with the pharyngeal wall as normally occurs.

Topics Discussed in This Paper. Thus, it is doubly serious to use operative techniques that restrict the air passage by the upper airway and thus facilitate the appearance of obstructive respiratory disorders to a population that presents intrinsic characteristics of obstructive risk.


For the treatment of velopharyngeal insufficiency, several treatments have been tested, as, for example, phonoaudiological reeducation, which is really the base of any therapy, by itself, or as a complement to another procedure.

Expressive language and cognitive development: The outcome of this evaluation has shown the effectiveness of this surgical technique. velofaringwa

Congenital velopharyngeal incompetence

Velopharyngeal Insufficiency, Velopharyngeal Incompetence, Palatoplasty. Epidemiology of sleep disorders. The KudoZ network provides a framework for translators and others to assist each other with translations or explanations of terms and short phrases. The results from the images examined by the ENT examiners, classified according to the type of velopharyngeal closure done by the patients and the movements of the VPS structures before and during the basal sound utterance are on Tables 1 and 2.

Along this reflexive line, our proposal is oriented to the recovery of the forms and function, searching for the recovery of normal anatomy and physiology of the zone with our technique.

Secondary functional veloplasty: a non-obstructive approach to valopharyngeal insufficiency

Clinically, they are known as open rhinolalia as the voice is affected, it becoming nasal, and on the other hand, we find hypoacusis, secondary to chronic otitis media, that affects middle ear ventilation.

R M Dalston The Cleft palate journal disfnucion As far as the modal register goes, the present study also agrees with another study which found the coronal as the predominant type of velopharyngeal closure, both in the modal and in the basal modal register In this situation, the maxillary occupies a more posterior and higher anatomic site in the upper floor of the face, impacted in an area that normally should velofaribgea available for air passage towards the bronchi.

From the functional point of view, a pharyngoplasty produces different changes. At the time of surgery, the patients were between 8 and 22 years of age and all were evaluated, prior to the surgical treatment by the same veloafringea, the surgical decision being made jointly by the phonoaudiologist and the surgeon.

Post Your ideas for ProZ. In the decision to perform this surgical procedure or not, we have defined Inclusion Criteria, considering those patients who, in spite of velar shortening, have a morphologically adequate velar muscular tissue and as Exclusion Criteria, those patients with previous marked asymmetric muscular reparations or in whom severe tissue loss is verified or in whom there is some neurological incapacity or alteration.


Universidade Federal de Santa Maria; If both surgical techniques are compared in regards to anatomic territory operated, we see that the operative site in the secondary reconstruction is the palate and the incisions are performed in the velar or maxillary area exclusively, without going into neighboring anatomic sectors.

For practical reasons, we have classified velopharyngeal insufficiencies into three types: Suturing is continued, from front to back, thus moving the previously dissected soft palate musculature to a more posterior position than it previously had. The sphincteric mechanism of velopharyngeal closure. Physiologically speaking, there is a major variety involving its closure mechanism, which can be classified in four different patterns based on the different movement degrees of the palate and pharyngeal wall: The disorders caused by velar dysfunction are grouped under the term of “Velopharyngeal insufficiencies.

The procedure is based on the empiric verification that there is an anatomic substrate available in many velopharyngeal incompetences, whose functionality can be rescued and reestablished although it does not function adequately since the muscles are often displaced, atrophic and deformed.

We can verify how, after the surgical correction, the air escape is almost imperceptible and the intensity of the voice increases considerably. Cleft Palate Craniofac J ; Valopharyngeal insufficiency is a usual condition observed in those born with soft palate fissures and treated surgically, regardless of the technique used.

In order to make the study of the results objective, the examination included an instrumental evaluation using an aerophonoscope.

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