Desmodromic valve drive was often justified by claims that springs could not close valves reliably. There was once a time when Desmodromic valve technology was cutting edge and a necessary competitive advantage for Ducati in racing. Ducatisti around the world know that the red bikes have desmo valves. Not all of them can tell you what that means, exactly. The Greek words.

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Luxembourg nl Luxembourg fr. The SuperSport is the road sporty bike that brings energy and sport emotion everywhere, from weekend to everyday roads. Not all of them can tell you what that means, exactly. Ducatis still use desmodromic valve systems today, but the company has patented many proprietary improvements. Reverberation, if you will.

In a conventional four-stroke engine valves are opened by a cam and closed by return spring. Contrary to opinion, Ducati did not invent the desmo valvetrain.

Talk about believing in yourself, eh? The contact points on most Ducati rocker arms are hard-chromed to reduce this wear. New Burlington Books, Copyright: However, a desmodromic system must desmodormic with the inertia of the two rocker arms per valve, so this advantage depends greatly on the skill of the designer.

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Ducatis had humble origins and the company hasn’t forgotten its roots. Valve springs that do not resonate are progressivewound with varying pitch or varying diameter called beehive springs [15] from their shape. The highway numbering system Lemmy. Desmo valves work fine.

Desmodromic valve drive

Service and Maintenance Services. Without Ducati, desmodromic valves would be a footnote in history, rather than active part numbers available for order.

The engineers that came after him continued that development, and Ducati held a number of patents relating to desmodromics. And while the overall efficiency possible in a Desmodromic design can not be achieved in current applications it’s main advantage, greater power output, can be achieved at less expense by using four or more valves per cylinder. Both mechanisms reduce resonance because spring force and its moving mass vary with stroke.


Valve bounce is a related condition where the valve does not stay seated, due to the combined effects of the valve’s inertia and resonance effects of metallic valve springs that effectively reduce the closing force, and allow the valve to re-open partially.

Its greatest inertial stress bears on its smallest radius.

Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus pinterest tumblr youTube. Given the metallurgy of the day it required a lot of spring pressure to ensure that the spring was push the valve closed. Relevant discussion may be found on Talk: Many of the reasons why modern cars have rev limiters draw back to cam and spring valve systems.

For this reason, today as many as three concentric valve springs are sometimes nested inside one other; not for more force the inner ones having no significant spring constantbut to act as snubbers to reduce oscillations in the outer spring. An engine using desmodromic valves has two cams and two actuators, each for positive opening and closing without a return spring.

In almost every poppet valve system, valves are opened via mechanical actuation. I know your just trying to contribute! More careful examination of valve spring activity with high-speed photography showed that float was often caused by resonance.

The only issue that still remains solved by desmodromic valves is that of valve float at high-RPM in springed engines. Inthe Maserati brothers introduced one of their final designs: The first system was used in on a HP speed boat. Desmo valves are a technical anachronism but still useful, so they haven’t been put out to pasture, kind of like your favorite WTATWTA author.

This denotes the major characteristic of the valves being continuously “bound” to the camshaft. Back and forth went the cycle—materials improvement, followed by ever-more-vigorous valve acceleration. Sign up using Facebook. When steel refinement was improved in the s, manufacturers were able to remove most impurities from the spring metals and greatly increase their durability.


While it can be more expensive to maintain than traditional spring-actuated valve systems, many aftermarket precision machined components can extend the maintenance interval to that of spring actuated systems in comparable motorcycles.

With such cams, which mostly do not look like the ones “artists” formerly designed, valve noise lift-off went away and valve train elasticity came under scrutiny.

Desmodromic valve – Wikipedia

More modern applications of asymmetrical camshafts include Cosworth’s 2. For the desmo systems used in Ducatis, engineers have cesmodromic the rocker arms on the valve shaft to decrease the coefficient of friction. The spring material he chose was a pressurized gas. The number of active coils in these springs varies during the stroke, the more closely wound coils being on the static end, becoming inactive as the spring compresses or as in the beehive spring, where the small diameter coils at the top are stiffer.

It also frees up frictional losses you drsmodromic with typical valve spring design. Ducati Meccanica, the motorcycle division, was questioning its very existence.

If a system is designed perfectly, then this desmoodromic can be mitigated, but imperfect design can result in increased wear and decreased efficiency. In modern engines, valve spring failure at high RPM has been mostly remedied. Vacuum melt processes developed in the s helped remove impurities in the steel used to vslve valve springs, although after sustained operation above RPM often springs would still fail.

However, early engineers believed the system to be far too complex and prone to wear to ever work. The desmodromic valve system does not use springs to close the desmodromkc, it uses the cam and has a valve closing lobe. Thus, desmo systems have generally needed to deal with sliding friction between the cam and rocker arm and therefore may have greater wear.