PREECE ROGER SHARP Design de interação além da interação homem computador. 1 like. Book. Baixe grátis o arquivo Interaction enviado por Tânia no curso de computer interaction1 Jennifer Preece, Yvonne Rogers, Helen. Sharp. p. cm. Design de Interacao: Alem da Interacao Homem-computador: Yvonne Rogers | Helen Sharp | Jennifer Preece: Books –

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This book could be half its length and still get all points across just interai. I’m not totally comfortable with the order of the chapters. Take a solid usability concept, slap an acronym on it, wait, then change it slightly and slap a new acronym in it, wait, then slice one piece out of it and give it it’s own acronym, wait.

Our book is called Interaction Design: View Student Companion Site.

While this book does have some helpful complements to my Interaction Design and Evaluating Interactive Systems course it does so in such a bland and boring manner that is all too common with school books. An overarching aim is to explore new possibilities for people to work together see http: A set text from my recent degree, which I had to skip through to complete the study module within the time set.

A central theme is that design and eval- uation are interleaving, highly iterative processes, with some roots in theory but which rely strongly on good practice to create usable products.

Having re-read it in detail I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants a detailed understanding of Interaction Design processes. Comprehensive material on Interaction Design: New to this edition: It is a good overview, with enough meat to support a semester introductory HCI course. In the foreground is a food web diagram representing the same ecosystem but at a more abstract level.


This book could be half its length and still get all points Ddesign a solid usability concept, slap an acronym on it, wait, then change it slightly and slap a new acronym in it, wait, then slice one piece out of it and give it it’s own acronym, wait.

Interaction Design

View all 3 comments. It is easy to understand and to teach to other people. The book and the associated website encourage readers to be ac- tive when reading and to think about seminal issues. I also ha I assigned this book for my Human Computer Interaction course this semester. Heuristic Evaluation and Walkthroughs View Instructor Companion Site. I’ve assigned this book for my undergraduate course.

May 18, Mike rated it really liked it. Beyond Human-Computer Interaction because it is concerned with a broader scope of issues, topics, and paradigms than has traditionally been the scope of human-computer interaction HCI. Lots of good stuff, but various examples were too subjective and didn’t really cover most of the cases. It never fails to amaze me how so much of school is about formalizing terms for common sense. The book comes with a great set of online study aids also, including video, powerpoint, and lots and lots of recommended further reading.

As a set text this has proved very useful, although many of the reference sources are now out of date.

Interaction Design – design de interação

The most unlikely is that the examples are not new, so easy to get bored. It’s a very good book if lreece are in this field. Color Plate 1 Figure 1.

Welcome to Interaction Design: The aim is for readers to understand that much of interaction design needs consid- vi Preface eration of the issues, and that they need to learn to weigh-up the pros and cons and be prepared to make trade-offs. This entails creating user desjgn that enhance and extend the way people work, communicate, and interact.


Would you like to change to the site? Nov 22, Mjoy Dela added it. Includes motivating examples illustrating both technical, but also social and ethical issues, making the book both accessible and adaptable for computer science and non-computer science users. Beyond Human-Computer Interaction, 4th Edition. Now I realize sharrp learning is a path and what was written in this book is a kind of another path. Let’s just say I’m glad it’s over.

Design de Interacao – Jenny Preece, Yvonne Rogers, Helen Sharp – Google Books

This textbook is for undergraduate and masters students from a range of back- grounds studying classes in human-computer interaction, interaction design, web design, etc. We particularly want readers to realize that there is rarely a right or wrong answer although there are good designs and poor designs.

It covers a lot of areas. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Probably the most comprehensive and authoritative interaction design HCI textbook as of now.

Books by Jenny Preece

Jan 16, Erik rated it liked it. This involves informing, building and evaluating novel user experiences through creating and assembling a diversity of pervasive technologies. The cover and the color insert were printed by Phoenix Color Corporation. She has also published a monograph called “HCI Theory: