SHELDON CHENEY DES IMAGISTES «Kal xefva SixsXi, /.al iv AlTvatottotv sxatl^ sv i6(jt, xal jJiéXoç yhs t6 Awpiov.)) ExiToéçtoç Biwvoç “And she also was of. Des Imagistes: An Anthology (). by Elyse Graham. When Ezra Pound arrived in London in , he began arranging introductions to all the literary people. On 2 March Des Imagistes was published. Des Imagistes was primarily an anthology of poetry by Ezra Pound, Hilda Doolittle (HD), and.

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The poor saint on the fountain! Hulme, a philosopher and translator of Henri Bergson.

Des Imagistes ()

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Des Imagistes iamgistes their first anthology, which Pound assembled while he was still a member.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I moan in sleep when I hear afar their whirling laughter. They cry into the night their battle name: He began mingling in poetry circles, and in he started his own circle, where he led discussions of how poetry might imitate this raw flow of consciousness by casting off meter and familiar imagery.

Far off over the leagues of it, the wind, playing on the wide shore, piles little ridges and the great waves break over it. In the end nothing remains but a handful of petals of what was once a proud flower.

For she lies panting, Drawing sharp breath, Broken with harsh sobs, She, Hyella, Whom no god pitieth.

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Pales, Bring gifts, Bring your Phoenician stuffs, And do you, fleet-footed nymphs, Bring offerings, Illyrian iris, And a branch of shrub. With them the silver hounds sniffing the trace of air! This professional dex personal relationship is not necessarily one that many authors have with their publishers or literary peers, today.

Photograph by Abigail Rogers-Berner. Arrogant, in black armour, behind them stand, Disdaining the rains, with fluttering whips, the Char- ioteers.

Let them tear the quick deers’ flesh. Her speaker stands at the sea-edge, dds margin between land, sea, and sky. And 1 fell prostrate, Crying, Thou hast flayed us with thy blossoms; Spare us the beauty Of fruit-trees! Now I stand awake, unseeing, in the dark, and I move towards her cot.

Pound, Richard Adlington, and H. Supported by plaques of the giver To whom we’re beholden; His name was de Sales And his wife’s name von Mangel. Two poems, one each from Ford Madox Hueffer and James Joyceuse rhyme and meter—an inconsistency with Imagist principles, but Pound admired their potent imagery and musical irregularity.

Des imagistes, an anthology : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Then Amy Lowell, a woman bulwarked by great wealth and a formidable personality, decided that she was another Imagist, a judgment with which Pound disagreed. But the shadow of them Is not the shadow of the mast head Nor of the torn i,agistes.

miagistes White seagulls hovered above the waves, now barely touching them with their snow-white breasts, now rising anew into the heights, like butterflies over the green meadows. Your hair is my Carthage And my arms the bow And our words arrows To shoot the stars, Who from that misty sea Swarm to destroy us.


Many of these works were first written before the Imagists came together, but they were selected and edited under its banner, and with the object of declaring a revolt. Your breasts are cold sea-ripples, But they smell of the warm grasses.

Des imagistes, an anthology

London, my beautiful, I will climb into the branches to the moonlit tree-tops, that my blood may be cooled by the wind. So with the heart, and with ail proud things. These names are significant to our interaction with this artifact because they reflect a wide professional network, both in Europe and in the United States and both for Pound and for his fellow writers, and imagiistes professional network that interacted regularly with his personal networks.

It’s grey as at dawn, And the owls, grey and fawn, Call from the little town hall With its arch in the wall, Where the fire-hooks are stored.

Heu, It whips round my ankles! Before we compare these two artifacts, though, we can first explore the personal and professional networks in a first edition copy of Des Imagistes: On top of his column Gazes up sad and solemn.