Shop at The Scholastic Store for the best books for children, educational resources for kids, crafts for kids, teachings resources and more. All purchases earn. The Forests of Silence has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: The Forests Of Silence (Deltora Quest, #1), Emily RoddaThe Forests of Silence was. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven s. map to guide them, two unlikely companions set out on a dangerous quest. land of the Shadow Lord, they struggle toward their first goal–the sinister Forests of Silence.

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There, they discover a wall made of steadfastly cultivated vinesenclosing a clearing in the very center of the forest.

The Forest of Silence by Emily Rodda | Scholastic

The companions, now numbering three, continue to the smallest of the Forests. The tree obeys her, dropping a large branch on Gorl and crushing him.

Her mother requests her to go deltoraa Lief and Barda to rid the land from the Shadow Lord and then vanishes.

qust I also enjoyed it because there were no sappy love stories, is was pure entertainment for me. The Forests of Silence book is lacking a more detailed Plot Summary. V series along with it is another, enjoyable show to binge watch. The Shadow Lord ruled Deltora for many years and the 7 Gems were gone so Leaf goes looking for them with some guy named Barda.

Adin knew that he was the one who must fill the medallions in the belt. He ran to the outside of the palace and found a drawing with a rhyme on it drawn by Endon in his childhood describing how to enter the palace using a passage, which was a secret even to the chief advisors. I continued reading the next day anyway, the books were so damn good. Sep 19, Novalee Gorden rated it it was amazing.


Also Barda’s role was obvious as soon as it was mentioned by Lief’s parents. Running back, she saw her parents with two Guards.

When the gems are stolen and hidden in dark terrible places throughout the kingdom, the Shadow Lord triumphs, and Deltora is lost. The Knight has kept himself going for thousands of years by his avaricious guarding of the Lilies.

Gorl and the Topaz. They try to find the gems so they can have the Belt of Deltora back together. It started with Harry Potter and spiraled out from there. As Gorl loses focus grieving over the death of his brothers, his grip around Lief and Barda weakens and Barda attacks Gorl by piercing Gorl’s neck with his sword, but it goes through the opening in the armour sielnce does nothing.

Fear, violence, chaos and confusion are ubiquitous, and there are signs that Deltora has never known normality, even during its times of peace. But it’s engaging and descriptive without being flowery or on the nose, female characters gorest treated the same as any other, and the plot flows swiftly.

As the son of a blacksmith who once lived in the palacehe spends his days helping his parents in the forge and learning to read and write. More on that in later reviews, naturally. Library of Congress Online Catalog. As the journey goes on it becomes clear the world of Deltora is not a standard fantasy kingdom; it is a frequently nightmarish, genuinely unsettling deltoea filled with grotesque creatures, cruel curses, tricks and traps, widespread oppression and brutality, constant struggle and deadly hidden truths.


Jarred was murderously enraged and attacked Prandine, but ended up injuring his sword arm. Deltora became a home away from Deltora Quest is a series for children, but the world that is created by the skillful mind of Emily Rodda will stay with you. Illustrator Marc McBride cover Kate Rowe any illustrations associated with the story, including maps and letters.

The Lake of Tears. Nonetheless, I’ll say right here, to those who haven’t tried them, that these books are completely worth foeest time, even for adult readers.

The Forests of Silence

Quotes from The Forests of Si It is the first book in the first series of Deltora Quest. Finally, the King realizes that his friend may have been correct, and secretly sends for his friend to return. I like to think of Deltora Quest as a precursor to epic fantasy series like Lord of the RingsA S I’m eight years older than my brother.