Dell pda user’s guide ( pages). PDA Dell X51 – Axim x51 MHz 64MB WiFi Windows PDA Product Information Manual. Setup diagram (2 pages). Manuals and User Guides for Dell Axim X3. We have 5 Dell Axim X3 manuals available for free PDF download: Information Manual, User Manual, Setup Manual. Dell Axim X3 Mobile Devices Pocket PC download pdf instruction manual and user guide.

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Connecting Directly to an E-Mail Server In addition to synchronizing e-mail messages with your computer, you can send and receive e-mail messages by connecting to an e-mail server using a modem or network card connected to your device. This Dell device is classified for use in a typical Class B domestic environment. Front And Side Views Page PN—EN Nom Information mexico Only Output current: Uesr Description New instant message s.

Safety Instructions Use the following safety guidelines to help ensure your own personal safety and to help protect your device and working environment from potential damage. Tap the appropriate editing command in the pop-up menu. Ergonomic Computing Habits You must also return the products to Dell in their original packaging, in as-new condition along with any media, documentation, and all other items that were included in the original shipment, prepay shipping charges, and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment.


Device Buttons And The Stylus Working With Contacts To perform a soft reset, use the stylus to press the reset button. Write the cross of the “t” and apostrophes below the top line so that they are not confused with the word above.

Remove moisture from the display quickly and keep the display dry. In all other respects, these units were identical to each other. Mobile favorites dekl are stored in the Mobile Favorites folder in Internet Explorer are downloaded to your device.

Dell Axim X3 Manuals

If you did not specify an update schedule in step 3, you need to manually download content to keep the information janual on your computer and device. Creating A Modem Connection define dedicated profiles for each environment.

Using the Sync Cable Use the manua, cable to connect your device directly to the computer without using the cradle. Tap the Personal tab, tap Input, and then tap the Word Completion tab. R O M — read-only memory — Memory that stores data and programs that cannot be deleted or written to by the device.

After the installation is complete, the ActiveSync Setup Wizard helps you to Conectar Com Um Computador You need to set up a remote connection to a network or an ISP, and a connection to your e-mail server.

Select text by dragging across the text on the page. Reading a Book Each book consists of a cover page, an optional table of contents, and the pages of the book.

Tap and hold the name of the program, and tap Delete on the pop-up menu. The next time you connect, the e-mail server detects that the messages are missing from dll device Inbox and deletes them from the server.



Finding A Contact To assign the contact to a category, tap Categories and select a category from the list. Nom Information mexico Only De Batterij Gebruiken de,l There is a partially functional port of Google’s Android operation system to the Axim x51 under the AxDroid project.

The MIC label may be located separately from the other regulatory marking applied to your product.

Hard Reset To perform a soft reset, use the stylus to press the reset button. Using Activesync On The Computer You can adjust the device settings to suit the way you work. De Synchronisatiekabel Gebruiken Microsoft Pocket Word Pocket Word works with Microsoft Word on your computer to give you easy access to copies of your documents.

The fix is to take the unit apart and put a very small piece of electrical tape over that portion of the ribbon cable.

Using Companion Programs Your service tag is located underneath the battery. There is or was also an attempt to design a Linux implementation based on Kernel version 2.

Install the network card driver, if required. Using Secure Digital Memory Cards