Defiance has ratings and reviews. Richard said: ‘Defiance’ just made it to the NY Times paperback best seller list even tho it came out more th. ORAL HISTORY REVIEW. DEFIANCE: THE BIELSKI PARTISANS. By Nechama Tec. N. York: Oxford University Press, pp. Hardbound, $2. Buy Defiance by Nechama Tec at or In this thoroughly researched history, Nechama Tec challenges the notion.

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The information was interesting, it’s just a shame Tec couldn’t have portrayed it in a way that made her book more compelling.

One aspect of my book that I spent considerable energy defjance was the detail of the partisans’ life in the forest. I did not realise just how vital a role Tuvia played in rescuing hundreds of Jewish individuals.

In this thoroughly researched history, Nechama Tec challenges the notion that European Jews went passively to their deaths during WW2.

Many of the notes offered by Roland on my behalf were incorporated into the final film, and those that deifance not were explained to me, often by Zwick himself, in terms a layman could understand. The book does not idealize the brothers, but shows In fact, many Jews struggled alone or with others against the terrors of the Third Reich, risking their Putting his emphasis on saving lives rather than on killing Germans, he nonetheless acted ruthlessly against those collaborating with the Nazis, and in so doing saved many Jewish lives.

The group was on the move a lot, had to deal with conflict from within and eventually had to answer to leaders of Russian partisan groups. Through cooperation and intelligent leadership, the Bielski Jews overcame great odds to survive. The Fate of Women.


My lives in their hands

In the Lion’s Den Nechama Tec. Social order is upturned, too — in Building A Forest CommunityTamara is mocked for her university education — Can you make a thicker soup out of it?

Of course, miracles had nothing to do with it. I was disappointed in the format of the book. She wanted the world to know that there was a man who achieved something extraordinary, and a group of individuals who struggled through desperate circumstances, and rather than resorting to survival of the fittest, they practiced a radical breed of compassion, and lived to tell the tale.

The account herein is all the more heroic for its humanity, its struggle, and its imperfection. It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when I found myself on the telephone discussing my notes on Zwick’s screenplay with my son Roland, who often served as a bridge between author and production in his role as the film’s co-producer, that I began to appreciate the exceptional nature of this undertaking.

In Defiance, Nechama Tec offers a riveting history of one such group, a forest community in western Belorussia that would number more than 1, Jews by the largest armed rescue operation of Jews by Jews in World War II.

Whereas the other partisans would turn away those who were too old, too young or without weapons, the Bielski partisan unit — or otriad — would accept anyone. Oxford University Press- Law – pages. You are commenting using your WordPress. Awkwardly written, but the subject matter transcends style. But my brief encounter with Zwick and his cast nechsma crew has left me with a deeper appreciation for the painstakingly detailed work they all do. We were very hungry, but the joy of survival strengthened our spirits.


The Life of Oswald Rufiesen,” and a host of essays and articles. This one was hard to read but every ounce of energy I had put into reading the book was reciprocated back with interest. Academic Skip to main content.

Though not interested in giving some poor geek a necchama of a superhero or folk legend, she was very clearly interested in the idea of heroism. Julie on Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne….

Defiance by Nechama Tec – book review

His primary aim was to rescue them and together with his brothers he is credited with saving over Jews from the ghetto and gas chamber. I am a Christian, but my Savior is King of the Jews. Or so it seemed at the time. Arguing that this success would have been unthinkable without the vision of one man, Tec offers penetrating insight into the group’s commander, Tuvia Bielski, and his journey from his life as the son of the only Jewish peasant family in an isolated rural village to his emergence as a leader possessing the charisma and courage to command under all but impossible circumstances.

The structure of the Bielski Otriad was quite interesting, from the movie it appeared to be a bit more socialistic in structure, and while there were elements of such, ultimately there was a social structure that was not all men are equal, although all were equal to join the group and none were ever turned away.