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Instruction nº 01/, which establishes the criteria for sustainable .. outras providências (Decreto nº , de 23 de dezembro de ). de Residuos Solidos (Lei 12,/), Decreto Regulamentador (Dec. 7,/ ), Responsabilidade Compartilhada, Logistica Reversa. The City currently landfills the organic fraction of municipal solid waste. (MSW). ..

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This is a relevant question from a public policy making point of view.

This shows the lack of planning in the creation of Consortia, preventing them from having access to government resources and information of the reality of the sector, its features and the real demand for this type of service. Any policy maker becomes apprehensive in analyzing these results.

However, considering the low percentage of those who reported having one of the Plans, it is assumed that this is not the case. Municipal Solid Waste Management: In this paper, we analyze Public Consortia of Municipalities, a basic instrument of the National Policy for Solid Waste of Brazil, a country with more than municipalities.

In this context, these municipalities through regional shared initiatives have sought solutions to meet the requirements of the PNRS, reducing costs and providing shared public services. Elaborated by authors based upon data from this research. Most do not meet environmentally safe MSW disposal levels because of a lack of sanitary landfills.

744 these steps are essential for the implementation of an instrument such as the Public Consortia, answers obtained in our research suggest that the components of each step of this first phase are very below the level desirable for each step. The results indicate that the following items must be considered in implementing SWM through Public Consortia: Thus, it ddecreto recommended that studies and evaluations are conducted to check if and how these Plans have been drawn up, the qualifications of its developers, the representation of the local reality, and if it could potentially generate effectiveness, efficiency and equity.


Furthermore, in most landfills, there is no proper treatment d the slurry toxic liquid generated by organic garbage decomposition. Why municipalities and states create Consortia for a shared SWM? Elaborated by authors based upon data from: Considering that the major goal of the 29 Consortia is the final disposal of solid waste and, consequently, the construction of landfills, it is motive of concern the low proportion of studies on territorial characteristics, land use occupation and distance between the municipalities in the answers of the 29 Consortia.

Public Policy steps-first phase-desirable 22010 e observed results on the 29 Consortia. The data from Chart 1 demonstrates that, for the 29 Consortia, the formation of Public Consortia tends to focus in municipalities with up to 50, inhabitants 6being the majority concentrated in the ranges between 10, decreti 50, inhabitants.

Through these procedures we identified 77 Consortia: Arranjos Federativos e Desigualdades Regionais no Brasil. Dcereto this context, effective management of municipal waste is required, but local authorities in many countries are constrained by limited finances and inadequate services. Based upon the results of our sample of 29 Public Consortia in Brazil it is possible to evaluate this instrument, as a PNRS instrument.

We got reply with completed questionnaire from 29 Consortia 8 from the Northeast, 14 from the Southeast, and 7 from the South. For doing so, we applied traditional evaluation xe of public policy available in the specialized literature see Baumol and Oates, We point out its expected results and the main obstacles faced to achieve them.

decreto federal 7404 de 2010 pdf

International Tax and Public Finance, 14, Excessive generation of and scarce deceeto safe disposal sites for solid waste are among the biggest challenges facing modern society. Contato por e-mail em 27 mai. Therefore, a questionnaire was elaborated with questions about characteristics, purposes and specificities of those 77 identified Consortia in the first survey. Most them are in the Northeast region, the poorest in.


Lessons from the Brazilian Experience. Entrevistas concedidas em 03 e 11 abr. Other supplementary questions also arose in relation to economic, social and territorial factors that influence xecreto efficiency of a shared management of solid waste and that would be decisive in encouraging and prioritizing access to resources by Law.

decreto federal de pdf – PDF Files

Since there is no Federal Agency that centralizes this information, we conducted 74404 survey in all 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District. Therefore, prioritizing public resources by forming Consortia established in the PNRS is not necessarily associated with effective management; it can potentially induce ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the SWM policy, among other relevant issues.

Instead of pointing out which factors most influence the efficiency of Consortia, the paper exposes which of them are considered on its formation and the consequences for their efficiency. This study identifies the characteristics of Public Consortia, its advantages and disadvantages for urban solid waste management based upon the analysis of 29 Public Decrsto in the Northeast, Southeast and South decreo of Brazil.

In applying criteria for public policy evaluation upon SWM for Public Consortia in Brazil we had some useful insights into Consortia implementation issues.

Decrreto 2 shows that in the three regions, of Brazil the main objectives are: In addition, it shows the relevance of the evaluation and makes a proposal on how and what to evaluate in USW management through Public Consortia from the obtained results.