Deadly Little Secret Author: Laurie Faria Stolarz Goodreads| Amazon| Author Website. Sixteen year old Camelia had a fairly ordinary life until. Review. Deadly Little Secret: A Touch Novel. by Laurie Faria Stolarz. Sixteen- year-old Camelia Hammond leads an average life, going to. Deadly Little Secret Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz.

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Ben’s an intriguing character but you don’t get close to him either. BUT this is a story and just like yelling at the movie screen when the chick does the same as above, it is fruitless and pointless so I move on.

Deadly Little Secret

Jan 15, Eugenia rated it did not like it Shelves: She was out in front of school this morning, looking for attention. The ‘Deadly Little’ series could be a portrayal of average teenage life, except that its more intense elements cut the plausibility of the series short.

Until three months ago, everything about sixteen-year-old Camelia’s life had been fairly ordinary: You got it, our creepy guy Ben that she has never met until that moment 3. Several times, I tried to go to sleep but kept thinking about Camelia.


And it strayed a lot more from deadlu whole Twilight feel. Part of my problem with these suspense books, is that so often supporting characters are set up: That might be because it is a series and we will get to delve deeper into the characters with the books to come.

I’ve never been one for suspense novels, but I was very intrigued by this one. And once again, Ben ends up saving her life.


Follow Us on Facebook. Stloarz returns to school, but he remains aloof, and Camelia can’t get close enough to share her secret with him. I also didn’t understand how every guy that Camelia talked to seemed to liked lityle. First a picture of Julie Ben’s ex-girlfriend who ended up dying on that fatefull hike and a picture of her shrine onto the mountain are just a few of the things that she gets from her mysterious new stalker.

Camelia should learn by now to just speak up, but I still liked her character. Snark and gifs The fact that the beginning of this book was literally like Twilight made me rage.

It’s not about vampires, fairies, or sorcerers. And if I were her, my friends would be pretty freaking sick of all my drama, but it seems as though her, Secref, and Wes talk about pretty much nothing else!

Dec 06, Madison partee rated it really liked it. The characters are straight out of the Blue is for Nightmares series: Wes does not want to open up and I think the author let this part of the story fall. I got kind of annoyed that so many guys were crushing on her. And her life and this book completely keeps you guessing and hanging on to find out more.

She’s such a stupid whiner Adam is sooo nice but Ben makes me swoon like on the cover of romance novels and constantly putting her life in danger I don’t even care anymore when she sneaks out in the middle of the night to meet her little vampire-inspired boycrush. Mar 12, Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book makes me want to read Deadly Little Games to see what happens next and find out if Camelia really has powers. Not to put down any fans of this series, but it feels like this book is more for younger teens like than young adults, and certainly, in my opinion, not entertaining enough to hold the attention of adults.


DEADLY LITTLE SECRET by Laurie Faria Stolarz | Kirkus Reviews

Aug 29, Jennifer Wardrip rated it it was amazing Shelves: But, I found stolsrz fascinating. The rumor around school is that Ben was somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend’s death.

So I think I’m totally justified in telling you to shut up and stop being so self obsessed. Everytime I thought I’d solved the mystery, Stolarz would put something I didn’t see coming.

The only reason I gave it a 4-star is because it really scared me. This paranormal romance thriller will have you trying to solve the mystery for hours.

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz by Heather Duchaine on Prezi

And there being another stalker, or weirdo, in her town is crazy. Oh, she’s an idiot. Lzurie 26, 9 20 Jun 27, I’ve yet to read the third book, and this was the second time I’ve read this one, so I’m hoping Deadly Little Games has more Adam.

The beginning starts in a Twilightesque scenario where she is saved from being hit by a car when the “new guy” in school pushes her out of the way.