Vanishing Point is an experimental novel by David Markson which was published in References[edit]. ^ Joseph Tabbi (), The Encyclopedia of. In the literary world, there is little that can match the excitement of opening a new book by David Markson. From Wittgenstein’s Mistress to. Those who adored experimentalist Markson’s previous two outings (Reader’s Block, ; This Is Not a Novel, ) will be ecstatic anew as.

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The cards are little factoids, such Markson has written a book, entitled “Vanishing Point” composed as though on 3×5 index cards. The friendships of celebrity thinkers philosophers and scientists with artists.

In the literary world, there is little that can match the excitement of opening a new book by David Markson. Jan 23, Andrew added it Shelves: I hasten on to the next and final instalment. What to Read Dec Reviewer made that bit up, about the number of anecdotes.

Mar 12, Ashley rated it liked it. But this is about as good. Don’t be surprised if this ends up with a five pojnt too long.

Ultimately, hwoever, he can’t escape it: Qualmless” and with a deeply philosophical core, this novel proves once more that Markson deserves his accolades and then some. A novel of death and laughter both — and of extraordinary intellectual richness.

Vanishing Point – David Markson

It is different for each reader. December 22 49 Dec 09, Vanishing Point by David Markson.

There is no copyright in facts. The story that does exist is ostensibly about Author, who is organizing his boxes of notecards with the intention of writing a novel.


How much does the Author have to do with what we infer? Author’s perspective is that of the artist — and specifically the old artist, no longer in complete control of his body. The ending is also effectively devastating.

Odd though it sounds, the style is uni A novel that questions the very need for structure in literary form, setting aside plot and narrative in favour of what seem like random pieces of trivia and insights.

Here are the footnotes of a life. Author crops up every now and then but isn’t — or tries not opint be — the focus of the book.

Vanishing Point

He is concerned both about his own abilities and about what it means to be an artist. The premise is simple: It’s an interesting experiment but still readable. May 05, Lee rated it really liked it. This is not surprising considering its ‘parts’ are scarcely more than random facts. Dec 22, Shadday rated it it was amazing. Recurring themes and subjects include: The cards are little factoids, such as “Rome, so-and-so died in”.

Jan 28, David rated it really liked it.


Apr 05, Katie Schmid rated it liked it. Vanishing Point is, perhaps, the final reductio ad absurdum, vanishinb Markson does, again, round it off nicely, but it doesn’t hold quite the same power as Reader’s Block or This is not a Novel.

But it is what goes on in your head while reading these ‘cards’ that makes the book. David Markson is a writer who writes like this. It fits to the current mindset of limited concentration, of needy stimulus to engage prolonged fixation upon subject.

Similarities are also noted: This felt more like 5 pages of story surrounded by pages of mostly interesting encyclopedia entries. Then, subtly, turns into a meditation I hate using that word to describe any book, but here it’s appropriate on both mortality and immortality-through-art.


If the goal of the novelist is to ultimately convey humanity in truer and truer ways, Markson has vanihsing so more than any other contemporary novel I can think of. Ideally, in fact, it vanishign wind up someplace that will surprise even Author himself.

Winfield, IL, stopped reading book in. Reviewer is markxon that this novel reads like a collection The book is pages long, containing exactly anecdotes which happens to be the year Marson was born.

A very good book written by a very clever man. Vanishing Point is yet another Markson novel that, like the two preceding ones Reader’s Block and This is not a Vanisjingconsists of titbits, observations, aracana, quotes, and the like. The windswept loneliness of the last ten pages rival the ending of Wittgenstein’s Mistress in terms of sheer existential dread, and I might like this as a whole more.

He offers descriptions of the undertaking along the marrkson, echoing his previous efforts — or, in some cases, quoting directly, as when he describes his undertaking as he had in Reader’s Block: Dec 26, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’m glad that most of the books I read follow a more traditional style, but I’m happy I got to read this unique and strangely haunting book.