Services. S&W M&P Trigger Job. Standard Trigger job- $ plus return shipping. Smoothes out and reduces pull weight to as low as pounds on the. I am shooting IDPA and steels using M&P 9mm Pro. Is there any preference between an Apex Trigger and a Dan Burwell job?. I discovered the link to Dan Burwell’s website while searching through the archives here. Following his thorough and detailed instructions.

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Burwel, December 11, Posted December 24, edited. I suspect he isn’t doing them anymore. This would have been several years ago now. I can call you back, but with my other job I can usually answer emails quicker than return phone calls. Already have an account? I will have to try it.

DuncansvillePA I can do the standard trigger job without really reducing the trigger pull weight for those more comfortable with heavier trigger. Originally Posted by BrianK. Its already researched, tried and tested true and its quick and easy.


I’d be hesitant to do it. PaPow, you’re right on the mark.

M&P DIY Trigger Job – Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting –

The pro series is supposed to have a much better trigger than the stock model. December 13th, Want to do the Burwell trigger job I have the. July 4th, He is very busy and it might take emails before you get a reply. Page fan of 3. Please email all questions. If the goal is to reduce the trigger pull weight, then of course more sanding will be required.

Of course, just the ttrigger of the striker block and the sear helps to relieve the minimal amount of grit that the stock trigger had.

Makes significant improvement over stock trigger. There are other makers whose handguns I would check out if I was doing it all over, but I’m not.

Want to do the Burwell trigger job

This is about as close to a trigger as you can get without a Originally Posted by PaPow You sound like your inexperienced to me. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Just watch out for the itty-bitty plunger type thingy that is under the sear in tgigger sear assembly block Is absolutely not mushy like a glock with a 3. Keep trying because it is definitely worth the wait.


Edited December 24, by CK1. December 14th, This removes as much of the pre-travel as possible while maintaining all the safeties. I wouldnt want people thinking i do gun work as a business All I can say is I wish I knew about Mr. I tried contacting him a daan ago with no return contact.