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DA Pam dated 1 July (supersedes DA Pam , dated 28 June in case you were wondering) is titled “The M16A1. : The M16A1 Rifle Operation And Preventative Maintenance DA Pam Original field manual illustrated by Will Eisner in comic form. SUMMARY of CHANGE. DA PAM –3. Soldiers’ Guide for Field Maintenance Operations. This major revision, dated 18 September

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Same thing with the carrier key. Do the best job you can to get rid of carbon and gook that xa keep the parts from work- ing right. Be sure to clean carbon and dirt from those barrel locking lugs. But, if it binds, turn the weapon in for repair. And moke sure the floor plate goes under all 4 tabs, too.

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If she still won’t fire, do what your TM says on trouble-shooting. If dirt and crud coUea under the extractor, the claw won’t be able to snap over the rim of a cartridge case. But the real harm comes when you don’t do anything about it after your pxm gets wet. Keep your ammo and magazine as clean and dry as possible. Point the arrow to SAFE. So, here’s the Numbah One poop on it: Easy does it all the way. Run it ppam the way through the flash suppressor before you start to pull back Choke up on the cleaning rod — hold it about 2 inches from the receiver and push it straight inch 70-30 inch in short jerks all the way through the flash suppressor.

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Table oam yourTM covers causes and cures. Numbah 10 Thou’ in a combat situationl So, when you get your baby stripped for cleaning, like it says in para in TM with Ch 1, take an extra 5 seconds to get at the port hole down there in the front end of the gas tube. If water stays in the lower receiver, it’ll foul up the working parts. This mag is coated with dry lubricant. You can see how it works by opening the receiver and turning the selector to Dz and watching the movement of the tang of the automatic sear.


Pipe cleaners help here and inside the carrier key. But, please don’t miss out on that lubing job. Use another pipe deoner — or air-dry it by waving it around — to dry the tube as well OS you con.

If your M16A1 rifle refuses to pop off — or quits popping sudden-like — you’ve got a stoppage that needs im- mediate action.

While we’re gabbing about water, let’s hammer home the importance of keeping it out of the lower receiver, too. Install by first putting handguards in place, then push up on slip ring.

You can operate the selector lever and trigger easy with the bog on. Be sure you keep that 7500-30 hole in the butt cap screw unclogged at all times. But paj could use the same idea when you’re bor-e-brushing your weapon.

If you do, here’s what to look for: Just wiggle the spring into the mag as far as it’ll go.

No ”buts” about it. If the spring’s weak, replace it. Then dry all the ports real good and coat ’em with LSA. The new E-3’s probably won’t make the rounds till supplies of the E-l’s and E-2’s are gone.


DA PAM 750-30 – The Army’s “Slightly Suggestive” Vietnam Era M16A1 Pamphlet

Then use a pipe deoner or the like to poke the gook out of the pert. So, take a cue from experience. A pipe cleaner’s about the handiest thing for keeping this hole clear.

If a cartridge or case Is ejected, release the charg- ing handle to feed a new round. 75-030

If one or both tangs 7500-30 busted, there’s no sweat as long as it’ll hold the firing pin in place. Then pull it back all the way out — again in short jerks. Yeah, this Shorty’s pretty much like the MI6AI — it’s just shorter in the barrel and hand guards, has an adjustable butt stock and a combination noise and flash suppressor. First thing you know, the pins fall out and get lost — or the parts they hold won’t line up right and your firing’s ‘way oflf.

Here’s a slow motion of the proce- dure you’d best make second nature: A cleaning job like this will get rid of all the carbon and dirt that might keep your weapon from shooting right. So do a real good job after every firing mission, following the good word in your TM by using rifle bore cleaner Pa. So get it off as quick as you can.

The front end of the gas tube is self-cleaning, thanks to the hot gases and high pressure from the barrel. Then slide the rifle Put it on and off gently and you can tlie cover seveTal times.