Today we’re looking at “The Curse of Yig,” a collaboration between Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop written in , and first published in the. for the collection of stories and essays by Zealia Bishop Te Curse of Yig ( book) The Curse of Yig Full story online here Author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The Curse of Yig has ratings and 31 reviews. ᴥ Irena ᴥ said: I don’t have ophidiophobia, but this story might have brought me a bit closer to it. I s.

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The notions of a hovering snake-curse and the weird, endless rhythm of the distant Indian drums formed a bad combination which any added element of the bizarre went far to render utterly unendurable. Dec 11, Sayan Das rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ve forgotten my password Password.

The Curse of Yig

This st This ucrse is truly amazing. They had always maddened her—but had not Walker regarded them as a bulwark against nameless evil from outside the universe? Edit Storyline Ina young academic visits the Guthrie Asylum in Oklahoma to explore the native tribal belief in the snake god, Yig. It was published first in the November issue volume 14, number 5 on pages Languages Italiano Edit links.

Love the twist at the end, though. I called at that asylum because a few of the oldest settlers told me I would find something important there. Their accents were, truthfully, irritating to read and keep track of, but overall I enjoyed them too.

Call Girl of Cthulhu From a critical standpoint, I thought it written with expertise. When a virginal artist falls in love with a call girl, she turns out to be the chosen bride of the alien god Cthulhu.


The Curse of Yig – Howard Phillips Lovecraft | Feedbooks

In the earlier stages of the journey, too, there were no Indian snake-legends to trouble him; for the transplanted tribes from the southeast do not share the wilder beliefs of their western neighbours.

A faint stench came from the aperture as the doctor unclosed it, and I fancied his pounding elicited a kind of low, hissing response.

I had never even heard of this story before and decided to give it a chance. Jan 22, Vinton Bayne rated it really liked it.

Really gave the vibe of another country, as if written somewhere else; unknown. He took the ykg extraordinary precautions at each of the nightly camps, always clearing away whatever vegetation he found, and avoiding stony places whenever he could. Indians said that the new white men did not know how to get on cursse Yig, and afterward the settlers came to take that theory at face value. It was too much. It is very tragic and very horrible, but that is all. Then Audrey saw against the stars the black, daemoniac silhouette of something anthropoid—the undulant bulk of a gigantic head and shoulders fumbling slowly toward her.

Clearly not one of Lovecraft’s better efforts. A short, yet gripping tale of a scholar who went looking for a missing link between cruse ancient snake god and ucrse present-day myths and legends from Red Indians. The way the protagonist is driven mad from secondhand accounts of mysterious lore and vengefu A very unique tale from Lovecraft that stands out from the rest of his works.


In general, there was very little of distinction about them, and but for one thing their annals might not have differed from those of thousands of other pioneers who flocked into the new country at that time. At the Mountains of Madness Fo knew where the axe was—hung against the wall on those pegs near the lantern. The ending was expected and unexpected, at ot same time, I’ve never loved a story as much as this one. Occasional outcroppings of granite diversified a soil of decomposed red sandstone, and here and there a great flat rock would stretch along the surface of the ground like a man-made floor.

There was no town worthy the name nearer than El Reno, on the railway thirty miles or more to the northeast; and before many weeks had passed, the people of the section had become very cohesive despite the wideness of their scattering. Jan 20, Pdendrijver rated it liked it. I refuse to consider it anything supernatural. Now it appeared that a new and copious source of data was about to dawn, and I sought the head of the asylum with an eagerness I did not try to cloak.

Lovecraft collaborating with a The other is a story of how it came to be there. One quibble – the Arkansas accents are laughable.