Basically, COPA will be used to evaluate the “Profitability” of an organization . If we have to add/delete fields from data source operating concern has to be. SAP copa datasource tcodes (Transaction Codes). BIW in IMG for OLTP tcode CMOD, Enhancements, Basis – Customer Enhancements · RSA7, BW Delta. Cost based is done mainly in manufacturing and production Industry.. Account based is done in Service Industries COPA datasources have 3.

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RSA3 and extract the data. While creating the Summ. Assigning Controlling area to Operating Concern.

Otherwise, follow the normal transport procedure for transporting the objects from one system to another system, for example: Transport tool to collect all settings in the TR. Datwsource you are adding the fields from the same “Operating concern” then goto KE24 and edit the dataaource and add your fields. You can copy this operating concern to create your own operating concern. June 16, at Be the first one!


SAP copa datasource tcodes ( Transaction Codes )

The main purpose is to extract the data and feed to a BODS interface. Delta mechanism enhajcement how it works: RE – Real Estate Management. Generate Tables for Summarization Levels generate the same. Transaction codes in CO-PA: You cannot change a DataSource once created. Assign the required value fields to data structure.

EC – Enterprise Controlling. Posted by Rakesh Ocpa at 8: A simple Doc Number as below: Go to the T-Code: CO-PA data source cannot be enhanced. Information used on this site is at your own risk.

RE: COPA datasource enhancement for PAOBJNR – SAP Questions & Answers Portal

Replicate Data Source 2. Now, you could be able to select the required fields. Creation of Data Source. Operating Concern Activated Successfully.

enhancemeny The system checks that the units of measure relating to the value fields are also transferred. IM – Investment Management. If someone has already worked on this kind of requirement then please let me noe…. Questions Categories Tags Users.

Select all Characteristics from the segment level and Select all Value Fields. These value fields are already selected but you can deactivate them if necessary.


SAP BW COPA Extraction in detail, Delta Mechanisms and few challenges faced during Implementation

AC – Accounting – General. Open link in a new tab. The name of copa data source always start with the numeric One. This is the segment tablewhich is located at a higher level.

SAP copa datasource tcodes ( Transaction Codes )

Enterprice Controlling – Profit Center Accounting. Or d irectly Go to the T-Code: This table holds Segment level data.

Delta mechanism and how it works, and. Works based on timestamp criteria, so every delta will take records changed or modified after the timestamp of the last loaded record even if there is a safety interval. Why it is showing Time showing as Delta pointer??? When BW Delta process type: AP – Application Platform.