McClairen’s Isle: The Passionate One [Connie Brockway] on McClairen’s Isle: The Ravishing One by Connie Brockway Mass Market Paperback. His desire for her turned abduction into seduction. She is the toast of London society. But Fia Merrick gives her heart to no one, for. Raine: The Reckless One there was sin in his smile and wildness in his soul. Raine Merrick’s wild McClairen’s Isle: The Reckless One by Connie Brockway. Read an Excerpt. Buy McClairen’s Isle: The Ravishing One. McClairen’s Isle.

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Donne’s not sure, but his reply makes it clear to Ash that Rhiannon is in danger. Aug 13, Jackie rated it it was ok Shelves: This is the story of one of those sons, Ash, who was freed when his father paid the tavishing but his brother, Raine was left in France to rot. I has been years since I read the first two books in this series so it took a little bit for me to get into this one. Yet all are destined to find loves as wild and glorious as the isle they call home.

Nov 07, Kym Roberts rated it really liked it. Thank goodness after a long while of reading books with either stupid heroine and annoying hero I found a book that I appreciate both the hero and heroine and brockwy story that doesn’t go around the circle and full of unnecessary quarrels Woman is kidnapped by a guy who dislikes her, taken to Scotland, he ends up dueling with her brother or friend.


The Passionate One is the first in a trilogy featuring the Merrick siblings. However, I did really enjoy connif book, and look forward to reading number two. Also by Connie Brockway. All of the MacLairen’s Isle series are a bit puzzling to me. Stay in Touch Sign up.

Ash discovers his father, Carr, never expected to see Rhiannon alive – but what does that mean? Dec 16, Lori McD rated it it was ok Shelves: Obviously you want them to communicate better. I kinda like the ending.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She became too indignant for my taste.

I read a million romance novels since but this one will always stay with me. But, by that ravishnig he’s fallen in love with her and decides he must protect her from his father, but if he does he might not get the money promised him by same dastardly father that he can use to pay the ransom to free his brother from a French prison. She is the toast of London society.

Raine, the second son, is the reckless one. Little did he know the real woman behind the mask, that Fia and James were actually plotted something for her late husband’s children, to gain their house back.

Loved it I found the ravishing one,featuring Raivshing and Thomas hard to put eavishing. Overall, I found it a bit hard to follow because of the language, since it’s written not in a very simple daily language.

The Ravishing One by Connie Brockway – FictionDB

When Philip unexpectedly shows up in a cart to take the dog and Rhiannon home, Ash believes that Philip set up the entire incident, wondering if Philip’s sexual preferences lean more towards his “friends” than towards women, and perhaps Philip is trying to rid himself of Rhiannon.


It broke my heart, xonnie, when Thomas came to Fia’s london house, only to find her refuse him once again. We only became Australia officially in I did not enjoy this book though.

Aug 17, Margaret Foxe rated it liked it. And will he succeed, since Philip and his “friends” show up to kidnap Rhiannon back ths England? Later, through treachery, Tne gained McClairen’s Isle, and the title of Earl of Carr after helping the English at Culloden at the expense of the clan. Cold as she was, she even decided to married an old man for the sake of out of his father manipulation.

A hard, dark, old fashioned romance with a reluctant lassie and a dominant, jaded antihero who grows up in a snake’s den he’s got issues. Rhiannon is that ward and she is content with the life and marriage she’s planned for herself in the quiet, peaceful village she’s grown up in after her family’s deaths, where she feels safe and doesn’t have to deal with ravising past or her heritage.

The Passionate One

I like it, though; it works in here. She is set to be married. I would happily recommend this book. The relationship between Rhiannon and Carr was hard to figure out, which was part of the mystery, I suppose.