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Masud for an early session of the Commission on Fertilizers sometime in the early part of next year. We know that these investments are necessary. The Fertilizer Programme’s impact is not restricted to farming and crop production alone but also to ensure correct use, and timely availability of inputs for the farmers said programme was assured of financial assistance from World Bank and IFAD.

Paragraphs 14, 15 and 25 of the Declaration address themselves to the rural development aspect of forestry. Rodas for his clear introduction and positive attitude towards forest policy. This could be exemplified further. Rodas on hie very ‘brilliant and clear introduction. Chairman, may I congratulate you on your election as Vice-Chairman of this Commission. They overlooked the fact that forests are the only neighbours of shifting cultivators, and that foresters working in these forests are the only link between these poor farmers and ;ara Government.

In the Mediterranean Region there is a very active Forestry Commission that has been dealing with the special problems fai aspects of forestry of this region.

Paragraphs 9, 10 and 11 of the Declaration draw specific attention to the need for fuel wood in developing countries. We have all heard the introduction to this agenda item. Forests wherever they are located and whoever owns, manages or utilizes them, are a trust to be used to meet the needs of the underprivileged majority, and not merely to satisfy the desires of the few who are economically strong.

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Masud of Pakistan I was unable to be present this morning when you took this particular item, and since I am also at the moment the Chairman of the Fertilizer Commission I am also grateful for your indulgence and support what Mr. It was the first time, at this Congress, that forestry had been given not merely traditional hut specific consideration. Only then, the destroyer of forests, the shifting cultivator, the small farmer who has finally become the victim of his own action, could well be the recreater of the devastated forests.


The delegate from Indonesia has outlined the benefits and values of forests in this document and I do not intend to go further into that.

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It is exactly for this reason that they remain backward and bypassed by the national development activities. One is reforestation in a rational manner, either industrial or natural, to protect forests from fires, to combat pests faoo fungus diseases whichmay damage forests and control the attack by certain rodents and animals which could affect trees and to set up shelters. It should be considered even beyond the intention of the Jakarta Declaration.

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This is important because we only need to seek the means now. The Jakarta Declaration has our full support and it gives me pleasure to inform the Commission that Pakistan has already been seized of the situation and has under implementation several forestry projects and programmes that the Jakarta Declaration calls emm Member Governments to embark upon.

We are now involved in two trial plantations for a variety of pine species to provide raw materials for pulp and paper. Secondly, we have our Rapporteur here, that is Mr. This content has been marked as final. Forestry has a role in ecological protection too.

Forestry and foresters are very important for our survival in this world and we are very happy to note a new force in forestry and also a new spirit among foresters. In my country there has been a dramatic shift in demand from these types of energy to charcoal and fuel wood without the requisite shifts in supply fqo cope with the demad.

Most important of them are:.

The re-afforestation projects involving our trial plantations are also studying the possibility of grazing animals in these plantsations. The highly reduced level of salvae contributions by the UNDP has been noted with great concern. It was not only a global stocktaking and a reappraisal of the role which forests, forestry and foresters have so far played, but also an international pledge of a new dimension in forestry as an integrated part of man’s overall endeavour to develop fully his potentials in the struggle to satisfy his desires and realize his ideals.


If we are to reduce urban migration, unemployment and protect our environment and aarquivo as well as provide forest products and other natural resources, we need to give more support to forestry.

All those important international meetings were organized by us in cooperation with, and under the auspices of FAO. At that time it cannot be repaired. If that option is absent even then, you have a serious issue with your entire application, and it may be worth trying the list: As a first step we fully support the idea for developing and maintaining proper forest inventories and introducing proper forest management for the basis of a safe and sustainable annual yield.

Since this is the first time for me to have the floor I would like to express the pride of having a very able Chairman and Vice-Chairman in this important Commission I.

I recommend that greatly expanded studies of all aspects of tropical forest ecosystems should emanate from this discussion. The importance of the forestry sector need not be over-emphasized as wore is now a universal realization.

The problem is how to increase their role, or the role of the rural community, in the maintenance, and not necessarily in the establishment of the forest charcoal.

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Like most countries Pakistan too finds it desirable to maintain a certain minimum of its area under forests. And I would urge FAO and other bodies to assist in introducing, or intensifying vocational training and in general training at all levels.

As we owrd know, FAO’s role is other than that of the Member Countries, hut en responsibilities in supplying technology, consultancy and advisory and training services are always there. The Jakarta Congress provided an impressive Declaration on projects which have been overlooked for years by many governments.

Chairman for giving me the floor, I would like to congratulate Dr.

As this is my first time taking the floor I want to say congratulations to you in this position. Another dry fruit Chalgoja pincon pine is also collected from forest, mainly grown in Paktia, Kunar and Nangarhar provinces.