A guide to the latest CMDA Regulation for Residential Buildings – Flats, Apartment So if you are planning to build an apartment complex, adhering to the rules .. No, H&UD dept, dated and published in TNGG on December who recommended the Draft Outline Development Plan with .. GUIDELINES FOR ABANDONMENT OF BORE WELLS AND. For the Chennai Metropolitan Area, the DR has been framed by the CMDA. FSI , is one of the methods under the Rules/Regulations by which the Plan.

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As in the case of special buildings and group developments, Regulation 28, which deals with multi storeyed buildings, also mandates installation of water management infrastructure and a closed non polluting storage provision for solid waste storage.

If the second respondent has had any objection to the grant of approval, the same could have been put forth in the meeting of the Panel.

Under Rule 3 ball the developments are regulated with reference to the land use classifications indicated in the Table given under Rule 3 b. In the result, W. But, by the impugned order dated By letter bearing Ms.

Violation of these Rules may invite penal actions that may include demolition.

The petitioner has already obtained permission for the construction of dwelling units. If the applicant fulfills the conditions a above, the deposit shall be refunded after production of the completion certificate.

Therefore, the writ petition is allowed and the impugned order is set aside. Rule 15 regulatoons these Rules contained in Annexure IX envisages the scrutiny of a building plan for the construction of multi storeyed buildings by a Panel comprising of several persons including the Joint Commissioner of Police Traffic.

Set back space 3. Provided that the rjles or promoter or owner shall not sell these dwellings for other than the said purposes and no conversion or amalgamation shall be.

The second respondent has also placed reliance upon the IRC Norms, in support of his decision to reject the proposal.

The Regulations were notified in the Tamilnadu Government Gazette dated 2. It is immaterial whether the site is vacant or the building is in progress as per rulss approved plan, since the renewal is treated as an extension of Planning Permission issued.


Prince Foundation Limited vs Chennai Metropolitan

Any suggestions or alterations recommended by the Panel and approved by the Government shall be incorporated in the plans. Development Regulations DR are framed to control and regulate Developments and to help orderly growth of urbanisation. Thereafter, the grant of planning permission within the Chennai Metropolitan Area got regulated in accordance with the Development Control Rules forming part of the Master Plan.

Higher the Abutting Road Width, higher the rate the property will fetch. Provided further that multi-storeyed building may be permitted with limitations on maximum FSI and maximum height of the building on a site abutting or gaining access from a public road of min.

Can be provided when their length do not exceed 60 metres. Alternatively, the requirement should be in the form of executive instructions issued in exercise of a power conferred by the Rules or the Regulations. Karthikeyan, learned counsel appearing for the first respondent and Mr.

FSI for Ordinary Buildings.

The Government approved it in G. Upon receipt of the application for premium FSI, together with necessary fees and enclosures, the matter was referred to the Director of Fire and Rescue Services. The writ petitioner, having paid the demand raised by the second respondent dated It is to be pointed out at this juncture that though the petitioner prayed for quashment of G. It is the case of the petitioner that no reason has been provided in the said notice dated Try out our Premium Member services: Height of the building: Regulation 25 contains several tables, which indicate how the extent of site, plot coverage, floor space index, set back, etc.

This is so because, higher FSI could be achieved in a property having wider Abutting Road Width, which in turn means more income by way of increased Floor Area that can be constructed and sold.

It is further indicated in the said notice that acceptance by the Authority of the pre-payment of the Development charge and other charges etc.


The extent to which premium FSI can be allowed depends upon the road width and it is indicated in the table under Regulation Park limited in favour of the dmda, gifting the OSR portion of Sq.

Accordingly, the order issued in the reference 3rd read above is modified.

CMDA Building Regulation for Residential Buildings

regulatiobs After the expiry of the time of one month stipulated in the letter dated 6. Under Sub-Regulation 2 of Regulation 9, it is stipulated that Transferable Reggulations Rights shall apply to rulws where a private land is required for any traffic or transport infrastructure developments. Ft with breath of 35 feet and length in 70 feet road. Rule 15 reads as follows:.

Rule 5 1 stipulates that the proposed rights of way for all major roads together with set back lines for them shall be in accordance with the details specified in Annexure IV. Rulex assessing the daily requirement of fresh water and the provision for recycling and gardening as well as solid waste generation, the SLEIAA also accorded environmental clearance by their proceedings dated The Premium FSI shall be allowed in specific areas as may be notified, subject to Guidelines and on collection of charge at the rates as may be prescribed by the Authority with the approval of the Government.

The learned Advocate General, in support of his submissions, placed reliance upon the following decisions:. Every person who shall commit any breach or any of the foregoing regulations shall be punishable with fine which may extend, to Rs.

Its length shall not exceed 9m between landings and its width shall be minimum 1. In the case of others, it shall be from the property boundary. Section of the Act declares that the provisions of the Act will override the provisions of any other law, custom, usage or contract to the extent it is inconsistent.

There are about degulations tables under Regulation 25, each dealing with different types of buildings.