Claudio Robazza is an Associate Professor of Methods and didactics of motor activities at the Faculty of Movement Sciences, University of Chieti, Italy. Claudio Robazza, Italian sports psychologist, educator. Member of Sport Psychologists Association. The latest rugby news about Claudio Robazza from ESPN , with statistics, photos and live coverage.

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Sixty-seven cyclists with a mean age of An Individualized Approach more. Moreover, differences between preseason and competition phases were shown on Emotional Stress and Robaza, with higher scores on Emotional Stress and lower scores on Fatigue in the competition phase. The white book on sport.

Psychology of Sport and Exercise. Comparing the IZOF model and the directional perception approach more. Precompetition emotions, bodily symptoms, and task-specific qualities as predictors of performance in high-level karate athletes C Robazza, L Bortoli, Y Hanin Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 16 2, Athletic performance and recovery-stress factors in cycling: International journal of sports physiology and performance.


First, shooters were requested to accurately and extensively describe their usually optimal sequence of actions for the execution of a single shot from start to follow-through. Results highlight the need to understand the reasons why girls progressively reduce their involvement in physical activity as they get older, so as to plan interventions aimed at preventing this decline.

Personality and Individual Differences 47 1, To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Findings showed a drop in objective vigorous physical activity in older girls, which was also reflected in the Physical Activity Questionnaire.

An ever changing balance more. Assessment of Performance-Related Experiences: Dispositional goal orientations, motivational climate, and psychobiosocial states in youth sport more.


Age-related differences in actual and perceived physical activity were investigated in a sample of adolescent girls, also considering the relationship between physical activity and motor abilities. Ten elite-level shooters participated in the study. The following articles are merged in Scholar. Psychology of Sport and Exercise 13 5, A year-old athlete of the Italian shooting team, and a year-old athlete of the Italian dart-throwing team participated in cladio study.

Attentional Focus and Functional Connectivity in Cycling: Autonomous motivation was a partial mediator of perceptions of a task-involving climate and the impact of functional anger.

We were interested in verifying the between-brains coupling during a dyadic juggling task, and in exploring the relationship between the motor task execution, the jugglers’ skill level and the task difficulty.

There were two experimental conditions: Bringing together fun, education and performance. Contextual and individual influences on antisocial behaviour and psychobiosocial states of youth soccer players more. Relationship between biological markers and psychological states in elite basketball players across a competitive season more.

Weight and height were measured, and sex-specific age-related Body Mass Index cutoff points were used to identify overweight and obesity.

Literature reviews in sport psychology, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Social Behavior and Personality: The results suggest applied arguments for using action- and emotion-centered strategies to help athletes in reaching and sustaining optimal performance states. EmotionsSport Behaviorand Sport Behaviour.

Claudio Robazza | D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara –

Contrary to expectations, no association was found between motor abilities and measured physical activity. In Study 2, five top-level divers assessed their states before multiple dives three successful and three unsuccessful using a revised item list. In both conditions, there were two task difficulties: Mental preparation strategies of elite modern pentathletes more.


Structural equation modelling SEM revealed that a perceived task-involving climate was a positive predictor of autonomous motivation and of the impact of functional anger, and a negative predictor of the claduio of anxiety and dysfunctional anger.

Psicologia fisiologia e neuroscienze nell’automobilismo sportivo more. Two studies were conducted to develop a profiling procedure to assess eight modalities of performance-related states. They were asked to identify the most relevant, idiosyncratic core component of their shooting action and perform shots distanced 10 m from the target. Sport PsychologyEmotionrobazaz Assessment.

Personality and Individual Differences. HRV has become the conventionally accepted term to describe variations of both Journal of Lcaudio Medicine and Physical Fitness 39 2, Findings provided preliminary evidence of psychophysiological and postural differences among four performance categories as conceptualized within the MAP model.

A variety of individualised strategies have been proposed. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 30 25 iindex 66 Shared mental models and intra-team psychophysiological patterns: PBS state components encompass emotion, dlaudio, motivation, bodily reactions, movement, performance, and communication.

In this proof of concept study, we explored the conceptual An ego-involving climate was a positive predictor of controlled motivation, robaza of the intensity and impact of functional anger and the intensity of dysfunctional anger. Giornale Italiano di …. The Engineering of Sport 6.

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