The City of the Chasch is a very sixties sci-fi actioneer that fit perfectly with this blog, and was a nice reprieve from the massive amount of work. City of the Chasch, le livre audio de Jack Vance à télécharger. Écoutez ce livre audio gratuitement avec l’offre d’essai. /5 (Good) City of the Chasch is the first book of the Tschai, Planet of Adventure series by the famous and well-esteemed sci-fi/fantasy.

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Aug 27, Martinxo rated it xity liked it Shelves: Gratuit pendant 30 jours, avec un titre au choix offert. I would buy all of them.

Lastly, may be missing components, e. Would you listen to City of the Chasch again? About this title Audio Format. City of the Chasch: Good see description Edition: Cuty Blue Chasch then send their entire armed might, but Reith arranges for the Green Chasch, the mortal enemies of the Blue Chasch, to ambush and wipe them out. You’ve successfully reported this review. Newer Post Older Post Home. With no plans of his own, he joins them.

Only Jack Vance could have pulled this off – vintage 60s Sci Fi that means solitary male heroes who can fight aliens, plan daring escapes, lead armies, drink without embarrassing themselves, get on with the ladiesset in a planet that has – I don’t know – maybe about six cityy alien races co-existing in the same landscape, with multiple societies, histories, sub-species This is a really great book, the first of an amazing series.


Make Araminta Station available for all the listeners out there who love Jack Vance and for those who still have the joy of discovering him still in front of them! And look at that cover. A couple of price stickers to front of jacket.

City of the Chasch

Note we do not use stock images, the book pictured is the book described. First Edition – First Printing. A near fine copy with a little edge wear. Meet quirkly alien, have funny dialogue.

Publication: City of the Chasch

Ports of Call Lurulu. The Wankh and Dirdir have been at war with each other for many years. Yet Tschai is a Jack Vance creation, which for me means that the pupil is surpassing the teachers Burroughs and Brackett in vision, prose, exuberant worldbuilding and chaotic action. And a role playing game. And as a bonus, he’s pleasant to travel with, and not some grim antihero. I rated this with the understanding that it’s a three star Jack Vance book.

Item s unavailable for purchase. The main character strides forward as only a white man in retro sci-fi can, completely certain that his way of life is the correct one and that he must liberate the poor savages of Tschai. Fine unread condition See photos. P Blackstone Audio.

First in the Planet of Adventure series. How to write a great review. How does this one compare? Among the other passengers is a group of priestesses, taking a beautiful female captive, Ylin-Ylan, home to thhe in an important rite. A second party approaches in a large sky-raft, sending the humans scurrying into hiding.

Cuando se preparan para lanzar hacia la superficie a dos exploradores, la nave es atacada y destruida, alcanzando los exploradores el planeta con mucha dificultad y mediante un aterrizaje de emergencia. I might ciry go further cjty to Gulliver or to legends of rogues and travellers coming to us from antiquity. It really hammers home how Tschai is a lawless smorgasbord of a planet. It indicates that intelligent beings might inhabit a previously unknown world.


City of the Chasch Vance, Jack Ace, The whole shebang and its all easy to digest, urbane, generally not too offensive politically. When Reith checks his scout-boat, he discovers to his dismay pf it has been gutted. For grading accuracy books are photographed without a protective book cover. Reith sorted over what he knew of the Tschai races and their human associates.

Collins who narrates the Lyonesse books so amazingly wonderfuland for the Cadwal series I would like to hear Simon Vance, who has actually narrated the first book, Araminta Station, but this book is strangely enough not available on audible. This is the first of a tetralogy of novels with the protagonist Adam Reith from Earth who is exploring space for earth but suddenly he finds himself the only survivor stranded on the planet Tscai with chasdh and alien beings named the Blue Chasch, the Green Chasch, the Chassch, the Dirdir, the Pnume and the Phung.

They are all engaging, action oriented, interesting and easy to read.